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Nerf Blasters

When it comes to epic battles, it's Nerf or nothing! Choose your blaster and get your darts ready for the battlefield. Play epic games against or with your friends and learn to be the fastest blaster in the west. You can also grab some great Nerf accessories, from protective goggles to addons. Whether you want the classic Nerf experience or are yearning for a Fortnite replica or a Gelfire blaster, our range includes the best blasters on the market.

Choose your Nerf Blaster

So you want to enter the world of Nerf? You've come to the right place. First things first, you'll need to stock up on the essentials. Get some foam darts, a pair of protective goggles, and some other stuff to keep you safe on the field. Then you can choose your Nerf blaster - they come in a variety of shapes and forms. Let us tell you about the different Nerf blasters….

Cool Nerf Blaster Models

No matter how you like to roll into action, there's a Nerf Blaster for everyone. From short-range blasts to long-range accurate options, here's a quick run through of the mainstays of the Nerf line:

  • Nerf Ultra - Highly accurate and has great range
  • Nerf Blaster - Two different blasting modes to hit your target
  • Nerf Revolver - Six shots and a motorised blaster to send them flying
  • Nerf Flipshot - High dart action with 16 darts forwards and 16 backwards
  • Nerf Eaglepoint - Accurate scope and adjustable for close or far

All Nerf products are customisable, making it easy to personalise whatever model picks your fancy. From swappable scopes to blaster chambres, there are options galore to make your Nerf truly one of a kind.

Bring to Battle Nerf Fortnite

There's no doubt that the world of Fortnite has some amazing armor on display. Why not take the battle royale into real life with our line of Nerf Fortnite? Designed to be accurate to the game, and packing that same Nerf punch you know and love, you'll be the talk of the battlefield as you rock up with your well-earned loot.

Want to expand your arsenal beyond Nerf? Check out our range of dart blasters to keep the battle rolling!