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Nerf Pro Gelfire

Enter the new era of Nerf with the Gelfire blaster. Discover the innovative, cutting-edge water-absorbent polymer projectiles that take your Nerf battles to the next level. Choose from epic models like the Mythic Blaster and MrBeast Blaster, each with unique features, high-capacity barrels, auto and semi-auto modes, and a rechargeable battery.

How do the Nerf gel blasters work?

The Nerf Gelfire models use brand-new gel pellets for a new shooting experience. These small beads come dehydrated and require soaking for a few hours to expand to their full size. When fired, Gelfire rounds burst, leaving behind no mess but showering your target. Perfect for fans of Nerf water blasters, the Gelfire super blasters deliver an awesome experience full of fun and adrenaline.

The Gelfire blasters can shoot up to 10 rounds a second and the Nerf Mythic Blaster can hold 800 rounds, making it an epic upgrade to your adventures. Or try the MrBeast Gelfire Blaster for standout style.

What age is the Nerf Gelfire suitable for?

Nerf is suitable for children aged 14 years and up. The Nerf gel pellets are not safe to ingest and pose a choking hazard for younger children, so make sure you store them out of reach. It is also advised to only use the Nerf Gelfire when wearing eye protection and to not aim at the face or eyes in any circumstances.

Endless fun with Nerf accessories and refills

Practise your aim with Nerf accessories like moving and interactive targets, dart refills, and safety equipment. Make the most of summertime fun with outdoor toys including bikes, garden games, and more blasters for the entire family.

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