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Fashion Dolls

Step into a world of tailored splendor with our collection of fashion and dress-up dolls, featuring iconic names like Barbie, Rainbow High, L.O.L Surprise, and more! Let creativity run wild as your little ones design runway-worthy outfits for their dolls, exploring endless style possibilities. With each doll embodying unique charm and flair, the stage is set for a glamour-filled playtime extravaganza that sparks imagination and brings fashion dreams to life.

Dress for every occasion with our fashion doll collections

Elevate playtime to a runway experience by mixing and matching outfits from various fashion doll collections. Unleash your child's creativity as they become the mastermind behind unique stylings, fostering imagination and fashion-forward thinking. From casual chic to glamorous gala, the possibilities are as limitless as their young minds.

Bring the brands that impress to your next playtime

Enter the dazzling world of fashion dolls where each brand brings its unique flair to playtime perfection. From the iconic runway of Barbie to the vibrant individuality of Rainbow High, the surprise-filled fun of L.O.L Surprise, and the whimsical charm of Lalaloopsy, there's a fashion doll for every taste, making playtime a delightful journey of discovery and style.

Barbie dolls galore, dressed to impress

Barbie, the original fashion icon, takes the spotlight with her diverse range of skills that go beyond the catwalk. With a career path that spans some unexpected spaces, all while dressed to impress and ready for any occasion, Barbie dolls inspire creativity as little ones explore the endless possibilities of fashion design. With Barbie, every playtime moment is a chance to unleash the inner stylist.

Rainbow High out on display

Meet the school fashionistas of Rainbow High, where uniqueness and style take center stage. These dolls empower children to carve their own fashion path, encouraging them to embrace individuality and creativity. With a spectrum of colours and a dash of glamour, Rainbow High dolls make playtime a vibrant fashion extravaganza.

L.O.L Surprise dolls are ready to wow you

Get ready to be wowed by the collectable charm of L.O.L Surprise dolls. Unbox the excitement and discover a world where surprise meets style. With a range of outfits and accessories waiting to be revealed, L.O.L Surprise dolls bring an element of surprise and joy to every playtime session, making them a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.

Stand out from the crowd with Lalaloopsy

Embrace the whimsy of Lalaloopsy with their button-eyed charm and pastel tones. These dolls stand out from the crowd, inviting children into a world of imaginative play where every moment is infused with playful creativity. Lalaloopsy dolls bring a touch of enchantment to playtime, making them a delightful addition to any doll collection.

So many more to dress up and explore

Explore a diverse array of fashion dolls beyond the spotlight. Sparkle Girlz, Na! Na! Na! Surprise, Mermaze Mermaids, and more await to join the fashion parade. With each brand offering its unique twist, children can experiment with styles, personalities, and stories, ensuring that every playtime is a new adventure in fashion and fun. Let the dress-up extravaganza begin!

With so many to choose from, and many more options back with the rest of our dolls, you’re sure to find the perfect toy to light the imagination and take to the catwalk. Plus, with flexible payment choices thanks to Klarna, you can pick up as many as you’d like and split the costs.