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Kids Bikes

Whether it is your child's first bike or they’re moving on to a bigger set of wheels, we have a whole host suitable for your child's riding ability. Our bikes come in options for children of all ages, from balance bikes to mountain bikes, all of which come in various wheel sizes tailored to your child's age and height.

Choosing Your Child's First Bike

Bikes are a great way to build your child's confidence and provide them with a skill that will last a lifetime, but there are different options to choose from. Our balance bikes are suitable for children as young as 3 years old and offer them their first experience of travelling on two wheels.

Bikes with stabilisers are another good option for growing children, especially as they learn to find their balance and develop motor skills. If you have your eye on your child's first bike, take a look at the accessories for your child's first bike, including protective gear.

What Bike Sizes are Available?

Bikes are measured by the size of the wheel. Our smallest bikes, suitable for children between 3 and 5, come with 10-inch wheels, while our biggest bikes have 24-inch wheels. The wheel size you choose for your child depends on their height and riding ability, but it is best to ensure that they can touch the ground whilst seated to help build their riding confidence.

For a breakdown of the different heights and wheel sizes, check out our Bike Size Guide blog

Bikes Designed For Fun Filled Adventures

Our bikes are not just a source of transport – they are a source of endless fun. Encouraging your child to play outside will be no problem. Equipped with baskets, tassels and bells in designs based on your kid's favourite characters, such as Lightning McQueen, Barbie, Spiderman and many more.

Plus, for those kids eager for an adventure, our bikes are perfect for exploring through nothing but pedal power and are one of many ways to keep your kids active and healthy.