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Swing into action with Spider-Man toys! Kids and fans of the web-slinging wallcrawler can recreate their favourite Spider-Man battles with action figures from movies, cartoons, and comics. Plus, collect all the most terrifying villains for a sensational show-down.

Explore Spider-Man Toys and Gifts for Kids

Join Peter Parker on his heroic masked adventure, from a humble teenager to the guardian of New York City… Spider-Man! These Marvel toys make the perfect gift for collectors and children allowing them to ignite their Spidey senses with the iconic web-slinging hero. In our collection, you'll find…

Spider-Man Figures

Explore a range of action figures and playsets that feature Spider-Man in his signature red and blue suit. Recreate iconic scenes from the movies, embark on new missions, and battle with Spider-Man's most notorious villains like the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Venom.

Spider-Man LEGO

Build, create, and use your imagination with our Spider-Man LEGO collection! Embrace your inner engineer as you construct thrilling scenes from the Marvel universe. Whether you want to design Spider-Man himself or the Webquarters hangout spot - we have loads of Marvel superhero LEGO to collect.

Spider-Man Web Blasters

Gear up like your favourite web-slinging hero with our Spider-Man Web Bolt Blaster! Suitable for kids aged 5 and over, it comes complete with Nerf darts for epic interactive playtime adventures.

Spider-Man Bikes

Rev up the excitement with our Spider-Man bikes! With Spider-Man-themed graphics and removable training stabilisers, your little superhero can learn to ride with their favourite Marvel character. And join him as he adventures through the streets of New York City, battling injustice, and delivering justice.

Spider-Man Funko Pop!

From the classic red and blue suit to some of Spidey's evil villains, these adorable Funko Pop! Marvel figures are perfect for gifts and collecting. Display them on shelves or recreate action-packed scenes!

Spider-Man Goo Jit Zu

Squeeze and stretch Spider-Man Goo Jit Zu's figures and watch as he flexes his incredible strength, ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. Explore our entire collection of Goo Jit Zu toys too.

Spider-Man Soft Toys and Squishmallows

Snuggle up with Spidey and discover Spider-Man soft toys and Squishmallows. Each huggable hero is the perfect companion for little ones, offering comfort and imaginative play.

Spider-Man Jigsaws

Piece by piece, reveal the iconic hero swinging into action, battling villains, and saving the day. These Marvel puzzles will challenge your mind and transport you into the thrilling world of Spider-Man.

More Spidey Toys for Kids…

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