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Marvel Toys & Figures

Step into the awesome world of Marvel with Marvel Superhero toys! There's so much to discover from Marvel figures to kids’ superhero costumes in this exciting range. Find your favourite characters from the Marvel Legends series including Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Hulk. Then, play out great moments from the comics that will transform you into a heroic superhero.

Join Hulk, Spiderman, Iron Man, and more to save the planet!

In our action-packed range of Marvel toys there are all the awesome superheroes, from Avengers toys to your favourite Marvel characters. You can team up with all the Marvel legends figures or re-create them with LEGO Marvel. You'll even find all the devious villain characters - Thanos, Loki, and Green Goblin, so you can battle it out.

Marvel gifts and playtime inspiration

Whether you're looking for a Marvel gift for your little superhero, or want to go on an epic adventure yourself, here are some Hulk-smashing ideas:

Spider-Man toys

Fans of the Spider-Man comics and movies - you'll want to check out the spidey figures, soft toys, jigsaw puzzles, web bolt blaster and even bikes. Just like Spiderman, you can help others, take on all the villains and adopt his special powers! With his superhuman strength and wall-climbing abilities, you can swing into hours of fun. Explore more – Spider-Man toys.

Hulk toys

Get ready to HULK smash! The Hulk is one of the most popular and enduring characters in the Marvel universe, and these Hulk toys are a great way to bring a little bit of that power and excitement to playtime. Whether you're looking for Hulk figurines, his yard playset, or a costume – you can roleplay his incredible strength, healing capacity, and durability and just like him, become more powerful as rage grows.

Black Panther toys

Join all the superheroes - Shuri, Queen Ramonda, Okoye, M'Baku, Ironheart, Namora, and more, with Black Panther figurines, LEGO, and soft toys. Enter the world of Black Panther Wakanda Forever and role-play your favourite scenes from the movies. With Wakandan's strength, you can help secure the safety of their people.

Iron Man toys

Are you ready for some fun with Iron Man figures, LEGO, and costumes? Because these Iron-Man toys are packed with it! These toys are not just for kids, they are perfect for adults too! Discover our awesome Marvel collectibles and gifts for Iron Man fans of all ages. Role-play the genius billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark, taking care of Stark Industries. Then, become the superhero with red and gold powered armour including his electronic fist!

Captain America toys

Are you ready to become a true Marvel patriot? Because these Captain America toys and figures are packed with excitement! Whether you're a fan of the classic comics or recent movies, these toys will bring a little bit of Captain America's bravery and patriotism into playtime. Imagine having your very own shield to defend yourself from the villains!

Black Widow toys

Once an enemy of Iron Man, but now one of the main heroines of the Marvel Universe – Black Widow is a fierce super-spy. And, you can become one too with Black Widow figurines. Perfect for gifts, collectors, and fans of the Avengers, check out these toys and take on the superhero Natasha Romanoff's strength and determination.

Funko Pop! Marvel

The fight between good and evil just got cute. With oversized heads and enormous eyes, you can find all your favourite Marvel superhero toys and villains. Get ready for some awesome adventure and collect the Pop! Set. Whether you want to play with them, display them, or gift them, explore all the Funko Pop! Marvel characters.

Thor toys

Unleash the power of Asgard and bring the mighty Thor into your child's playtime with Thor toys and figures! Whether it's battling villains with his hammer or teaming up with fellow Avengers, little ones can re-create the epic world of Marvel.

X-Men toys

Join the extraordinary mutant team with X-Men toys! Children will have the power to create their own heroic storylines and save the world from playtime villains. Shop the range today and find Wolverine's ferocious claws.

Captain Marvel toys

Zoom into action with Captain Marvel toys bursting with girl power. Embark on thrilling adventures, stand up against injustice and save the day with this heroine. From super stretchy filling toys to mini-figures – there's plenty to explore.

Thanos toys

Harness the power of the Mad Titan with our Thanos toys! As one of Marvel's greatest villains with superhuman strength, durability, and advanced intellect, these toys will transform playtime into thrilling quests and battles.

Marvel Costumes and Games

With our Marvel costumes, all children can become their favourite superhero or villain. As they dress up and play, they can also enjoy a Marvel game and jigsaw – they make a fantastic gift!

Not found the superhero toy you're looking for? Explore more action figurines, collectibles, soft toys, and superhero costumes. You can buy now and pay later with Klarna and you'll receive free UK delivery on orders over £29.99.