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Sandpits & Sand toys

Get summer ready with our vibrant sand toys, perfect for hours of fun at the beach or garden sand pit. With just a bucket and spade, encourage kids to unleash their creativity to build epic sandcastles, moats, and sand art. Suitable for all ages with supervision, open their imaginations and help them explore sensory experiences with sand play.

Best Beach Toys For Holiday

Heading to the coast this summer? These colourful beach toys are simple yet ideal for children of all ages. For first-time holiday-goers, you can help 1-year-olds and toddlers enjoy a new sensory experience while showing them the magic of building with sand. Meanwhile, older kids will enjoy bonding with siblings and making friends to become the architects of their imagination.

For more holiday amusement, browse our travel toys for card games, colouring books and portable puzzles like Rubix Cubes. Or take a look at garden games for more active options like bat and ball sets, travel sports equipment, and family-friendly games like ring toss. You'll find plenty of activities that are easy to pack, and everyone can join in with.

Sand Pit Toys

You don't need to jump on a plane to experience the fun of the beach. Our sand toys make garden sand and water tables even more exciting. Get stuck in with our non-toxic, child-safe play sand, ideal for outdoor sandpits. Play sand is regular sand that has been thoroughly washed to get rid of large debris like sharp rocks, dust, and other unwanted contaminants, so it's always a good idea to use this in your children's sand tables.

For something different, try modelling and Kinetic sand, which has a unique texture so you can shape, squish, and cut it to make endless creations. Please note that while Kinetic sand is non-toxic, it's not intended for children under 3 years old and supervision is recommended to prevent them from ingesting the sand.