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Bubble Machines & Toys

Step into a world of enchanting bubbles with our wide selection of bubble toys and machines. From giant bubble wands to bubble blasters, and even featured character bubble scooters, there's a choice for every outdoor play occasion. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, entertaining kids at a family gathering, or simply want to add some whimsy to your day, our bubble products are sure to delight.

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What kinds of bubble toys can you find?

Discover the exciting world of bubble toys, where fun comes in all shapes and sizes! At The Entertainer, we offer a wide range of bubble toys to suit every bubbly adventure:

  • Bubble Machines: Transform any space into a magical bubble wonderland with our easy-to-use bubble machines. Just add the liquid, and turn on! Perfect for parties or everyday play!
  • Bubble Blasters: Unleash a stream of bubbles with our bubble blasters, designed for garden parties and spontaneous bubble-filled excitement.
  • Bubble Wands: Create mesmerising bubbles with our selection of bubble wands, available in various sizes for endless bubble-blowing fun.
  • Bubble Blowers: Take bubbles on the go with our compact bubble blowers, ideal for picnics, park outings, and outdoor playdates.
  • Bubble Scooters: Ride into a world of bubble fun with our bubble scooters, featuring built-in bubble dispensers for playful adventures on wheels.

What age is best suited to play with bubbles?

Bubble toys capture the imagination and delight children, both young and old. While children of all ages love bubbles, it's best for kids to be over 3 years old to enjoy them safely. Remember to supervise children during bubble play, avoid getting bubbles in their eyes, and be cautious of spilt bubble liquid as it could create slipping hazards.

Why bubbles are perfect for outside play

Bubbles complement various outdoor toys and activities, amplifying the fun and fostering imaginative play. From garden parties to family gatherings and playdates at the playground, bubbles effortlessly enhance the outdoor experience. Their lightweight and portable nature make them perfect for any outdoor occasion, whether a casual get-together or a festive celebration.

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