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For over 90 years, LEGO toys have provided make-believe play and creative adventures for children around the world with their simple and iconic building bricks, and you can join the story today! Let our LEGO sets for all ages inspire you to become the creators and inventors of tomorrow with building, play, and adventure today.

Encourage roleplay and spark imaginations with LEGO playsets

LEGO building bricks are a fantastic tool for encouraging imaginative play in children. They provide a tangible, hands-on way to explore creativity, roleplay, and innovation. By physically manipulating and arranging bricks, children can bring their ideas to life! And, as they work to build structures and act out scenarios, they learn to collaborate and problem-solve. This can help them build important life skills which are incredibly empowering and inspiring for your little builders.

Within our collection you'll find all the LEGO Classic sets ideal for budding builders aged four and over. Youngsters are free to construct anything they like and come up with a tonne of wonderful stories for their LEGO characters. With LEGO City and LEGO Creator, they can create new worlds filled with figures, police stations, fire departments, underwater sets, dinosaurs, townhouses, and more! Once they've had fun designing these, they can then explore LEGO Vehicle sets. All the little figurines can navigate around in cool cars, tractors, helicopters, monster jam trucks, ice cream vans, princess carriages, and more!

LEGO toys perfect for little builders

For kids ages 3 plus take a look at LEGO Duplo sets and start awesome building adventures. They are the ideal size for young builders' hands because they are twice the size of regular LEGO bricks. And they make playtime fun and educational by fostering hand-eye coordination and shape-sorting abilities. Discover adorable farm animals, unicorns, and more.

For children aged 3 and over there are also LEGO Friends. Join Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly and Liann and explore new interests with exciting new expeditions! There's a variety of characters, playsets, and settings that inspire learning through imaginative role-playing.

LEGO for the experienced builder…

LEGO is not just for children, teens and adults can enjoy building too. LEGO Technic sets with cars, motorbikes, and vehicles are designed to challenge experienced builders. This range uses specialised pieces to create a lot more functionality than regular bricks; occasionally, models even have motors, working gearboxes, and pneumatic parts. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or for a gift, you can take construction skills to the next level with these sets.

Enjoy LEGO sets from your favourite movies!

Join all your favourite goodies (and baddies!) with LEGO Superhero sets - there's Thanos, The Joker, Lex Luthor, DC Comics and Marvel superheroes ready to build and recreate all the best scenes. There is also LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Ninjago, both bursting with awesome characters and adventure.

With LEGO Disney Princess sets little builders can bring magical fairy tales to life. Travel the sea with Ariel, learn Arendelle's mysteries with Elsa from Frozen, rebuild Rapunzel's tower, and create a tonne of fantastical settings from the beloved classic movies.

Build exciting scenes and characters from games

Dive into the action with LEGO Super Mario and discover all your favourite characters. Find a variety of levels, including the Guarded Fortress and Toad's Treasure Hunt and help Mario race to the goalpost. Also, don't forget to check out LEGO Minecraft. Often called the LEGO of the gaming world, bring the experience right into your hands as you craft your own map. As the world of Minecraft comes to life, you can encourage creativity, crafting, and imagination!

Overall, roleplaying with LEGO building blocks is a marvellous way for children to explore their visions, have fun, and learn important skills at the same time. By providing a supportive and loving environment in which to play, parents and caregivers can help them develop their creativity and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Start your LEGO adventure today!