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LEGO Friends

Kids can join the next generation of LEGO Friends: Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly and Liann as they develop new friendships during their first year at Heartlake City’s international school. Little ones get the chance to explore their passions as they embark on new adventures with a host of characters, playsets and locations that encourage kids to learn through creative role-play!

The LEGO Friends Range – Perfect For Inspiring Imaginations!

Learning through play helps us all develop, so why not do it with friends? With this new generation, we can meet the newest friends LEGO has to share. Hang out with Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly and Liann as they go through life and explore their individual interests. Whether it be a love of food culture, sports, nature, art, science, and even more, the LEGO Friends are there to help your child discover just what gets them excited every day!

LEGO Friends sets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are perfect for all ages. Our sets come in specific age groups, but everyone from 4 years and up can get creative with what's available. Combine sets together to make a whole city, or make each on their own for in-depth play, the choice is yours. Let's explore the different sets together…

LEGO Friends 4+ Sets

You may be young, but your imagination is growing every day! Spark up some excitement with some LEGO Friends deals and get building. From pet clinics that help you look after the little LEGO creatures that need your help, to fun cafes perfect for those that love tea time. Play with your favourites, develop good skills, and let your mind explore the possibilities!

LEGO Friends 6+ Sets

It's time to start growing Heartlake City, and give your friends LEGO spaces beyond the basics. Set up a mobile bubble tea shop, build out that dream gaming bedroom with Nova and Zac, and get the skate park ready for a fun day out with all your LEGO Friends! There's so much possibility between all the different sets, so get excited for a fun day's play.

LEGO Friends 8+ Sets

Let's start building out the city and get to know those all-important locations. The Heartlake International School is a great place to start and comes with most of the LEGO Friends, but there's so much more to Heartlake. Build a rescue centre for cats and dogs, get your shopping done at the organic grocery store, and learn all about how connected every part of society is through these different sets.

LEGO Friends 12+ Sets

Around this age is when kids start to blossom, their already larger-than-life personalities solidifying to form life-long interests. Let them grow with a LEGO Friends set specifically for those pre-teens! You can nurture a love of design with the LEGO Friends Downtown Flower and Design Stores, a huge set with so many little details to play around with. Stick to the plan or go off the walls with exciting wall patterns, lively shop fronts, and beautiful visuals!

Want to build your city even bigger? Why not check out the LEGO City sets, and expand beyond Heartlake City!