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Gabby's Dollhouse

It’s time for imaginative play with Gabby’s Dollhouse. Gabby and her cat friends love having adventures inside Gabby’s meow-mazing dollhouses. Now you can create your own stories with our huge range of Gabby's Dollhouse toys and kitty characters. Make sure you pick up an exciting playset, such as Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse, complete with different floors and amazing accessories. Playtime just got even more paw-some!

Gabby's Dollhouse for little learners

Join Gabby, Pandy Paws, and all the characters on their next adventure with Gabby's Dollhouse toys. Perfect for playtime with your little ones aged 3 plus. The paw-sibilities for fun are endless! They can create stories and scenarios, which can help with creativity and language development. And, develop their fine motor skills, as they play with small objects and move them around each playhouse. Children will love every meow moment.

Our most popular Gabby's Dollhouse toys

Of course it's got to be Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse. With 7 rooms spread out over 4 storeys and with the amazing Cat-A-Vator lift, there are plenty of opportunities to let imaginations fly. There are many popular figure sets including Gabby and her cat friends to add to your collection too. House playsets and dolls are always popular among children as well as soft dolls. With Gabby's Dollhouse soft toys, children can enjoy playtime and relax with them during their wind-down time at the end of the day - they are ever so squidgy and soft.

Gabby's Dollhouse gifts

Gabby's Dollhouse can be a fun and engaging gift for a child who enjoys imaginative play and has a cat-loving purr-sonality. Due to the hit Netflix series, children know and cherish Gabby's Dollhouse characters. That’s why these toys make the best gift! With each playset and figure, little ones can re-enact their favourite episodes. Plus, create their very own storylines.

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