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Hot Wheels

On your marks, get ready to race! Discover classic cars and the latest thrilling tracks from the Ultimate Garage that can fit 100 Hot Wheels cars, dinosaur-themed loops, and the iconic 1:64 Diecast models with Mario Kart favourites. With playsets suitable for 3 years old to collectibles for adults, Hot Wheels is perfect for family bonding – foster their competitive edge, collect the coolest cars, and enjoy some super-charged fun!

Fast-Paced Fun For All Ages

Encourage curiosity and creativity with Hot Wheels toys with tracks and cars designed for children aged 3 and up. Playing with toy cars helps develop fine motor skills, collaboration, strategy, and determination, and Hot Wheels has everything you need to accept the challenge.

Bring the magic with Hot Wheels Colour Shifters that simply need water to change appearance! Or take playtime off-road with epic remote-controlled Hot Wheels monster trucks that kids and adults alike will love.

Expand And Customise Hot Wheels Tracks

From chomping T-Rex playsets to epic spirals, Hot Wheels tracks come with awesome obstacles and features to upgrade any race. Explore our Hot Wheels track builder range to find the latest expansions to current set-ups. Compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks, this is the ultimate gift for Hot Wheels fanatics looking for new adventures and to create their own epic racecourses.

Shop Hot Wheels With Us

Whether you're looking for bigger and better tracks, real metal supercars from the Fast & Furious range, or classic Diecast models like Hot Wheels Mario Kart for the collection, find it with our range. Enjoy free delivery on orders over £39.99.