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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Crush the competition with these oversized monster trucks. Capable of traversing rough terrain, making impossible stunts, and drag racing through the garden, there are endless hours of adrenaline-pumping fun to be had. Discover the miniature-scale versions of hardcore trucks like the V8 Bomber and Dodge R/T for realistic play, or the awesome colour-shifting models with their 2-in-1 decals.

Unstoppable Play with Monster Trucks, Tracks, & Arenas

Kick the action into high gear and collect these monster-sized toy trucks. Bigger and bolder, the monster truck series is full of bright colours and fun body shapes that all come with a unique crush attack and back story.

Check out the awesome monster truck tracks, specially designed to handle the over-sized tyres, like the Hot Wheels Glow in The Dark Loop Track that launches your trucks into the air. See who can catch the most speed and fly the furthest! Expand your track to include full-sensory experiences like the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smasher that shakes as it crushes cars and connects to other Hot Wheels sets.

Remote Control Monster Trucks Take Playtime Off-road

Pick up speed and go on the prowl with the remote controlled Hot Wheels Tiger Shark Monster Truck. Capable of 25 minutes of remote play and with a range of 100 feet, you can put those epic wheels to good use – eat up even the toughest terrain with the fierce focus of a tiger shark. One of the most epic remote control cars, now you can recreate all the coolest stunts from the Hot Wheels Monster Truck live shows in your own home.

Travel in Epic Style with Colour-Shifting Monster Trucks

Get two impressive decals in one epic truck with the colour shift collection. Simply dunk your Hot Wheels monster truck in icy water to reveal a hidden colourway, so you don't have to choose which design you want! You can even get creative and splash the body with cold water to mix the patterns together for a totally unique look. From the feisty Scorpedo body to the 1:64 scale range, discover tonnes of exciting trucks for your collection.

Our Hot Wheels range is full of thrilling toy cars and playsets. Take a look at the Hot Wheels garages for the ultimate display and storage set, or build a legendary Hot Wheels racetrack to host exhilarating races.

Want to keep the racing action going? If all our Hot Wheels isn't enough, then our great line of car toys will help round out that need for speed. Plus, all of our toys are available with free UK delivery on orders over £29.99, and you can buy now and pay later with Klarna payment plans. There's no better time to get ready to race!