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Hot Wheels Playsets

Discover Hot Wheels playsets, where epic races, daring stunts, and unstoppable fun await. Browse our incredible range and find the coolest playsets such as the transforming race tower and unlimited fuel can stunt box. It's time to hit the track and buckle up for the ultimate toy adventure.

Unleash Thrills with Hot Wheels Playsets

Our playsets will take your Hot Wheels experience to the next level, offering a world of racing, crashing, and gravity-defying stunts. Let us tell you more about this range…

Race to Victory with Track Builder Playsets

Hot Wheels track builder playsets are designed to fuel your need for speed. Take on challenging loops, jumps, and exhilarating races. With endless configuration options, you can create your very own racecourse, push the boundaries of your skills, and amaze your friends.

Parents, did you know building car tracks provides educational play for your little ones? It can help stimulate development, including spatial, fine motor, problem-solving, creativity, social, and cognitive skills. It's more than just playtime enjoyment.

Hot Wheels City Playsets for Adrenaline Seekers

With action-packed features like loops, launchers, and obstacles, you'll enjoy speedy expeditions and heroic triumphs. One of the highlights of Hot Wheels City playsets is their expandability. The sets are designed to connect seamlessly, allowing you to create a massively interconnected cityscape. You can combine different playsets, add tracks, and interlock various structures. The more sets you collect, the bigger and more thrilling your Hot Wheels City becomes!

View the entire range – Hot Wheels City.

Discover Hot Wheels Monster Truck Playsets for Monstrous Fun

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Playsets take stunts to a whole new level. Launch your monster trucks into the air, smash through arenas, and visit the ultimate crush yard. Collect the range and customise your mighty vehicles, ready for fierce head-to-head battles and wild competitions.

Discover more – Hot Wheels Monster Trucks.

More Hot Wheel Playset Favourites…

Spinwheel challenges, shark stomp transporter, dragon drive playsets – there are so many Hot Wheel Playsets to choose from ideal for any racing enthusiast. Filled with Hot Wheels cars and interchangeable tracks – the excitement never stops.

Discover even more transport toys and toy racetracks – all available to buy now and pay later with Klarna to help you spread the cost.