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LEGO City Sets

Embrace real-life role-playing and building adventures with the awesome LEGO City sets. They are perfect for builders six and over who want to explore exciting locations all over the world. Have fun and use your imagination to construct incredible police stations, fire departments, super cool vehicles, underwater sets, and more! The range of LEGO city sets has something for everyone to let their creativity fly.

LEGO City – Build Your Own Adventure!

Want to build your own world? With LEGO City, not even the sky’s the limit! Help your kids create the ultimate city with a huge selection of LEGO City sets, from fire engines to trains, skyscrapers to hospitals, and everything else in between. There’s a huge number of great role models your kids can play with and use their imaginations to see the world in an exciting new light as they grow!

LEGO City is great for introducing little ones to different careers and environments they may encounter in every day (and extraordinary) life. Whether they want to lay down the law with the LEGO City Police sets, save lives in a hospital, or leap into action with the LEGO City Fire Engine, the world is their oyster. Not just the world, but beyond, too – for those kids that love space and other STEM toys, we’ve even got LEGO City sets that help them land on the moon!

LEGO City Sets

There’s so much to build and play within the city LEGO helped build, so picking one path can be tricky. Not to worry – we’re here to help! LEGO City toys come in three main types but cover so many different jobs. Police, firefighters, hospital staff, stunt riders, astronauts – the list goes on, meaning your kids are bound to find the right area to spark their imaginations. Let’s go over some of the options:

LEGO City Vehicle Sets

Build the helicopter, race the cars, rush the fire engine to the blaze – No matter what vehicle you’re building, there are a lot of options! If your child is a lover of transport toys or has a more niche interest, there’s plenty of variety on offer in the LEGO City range. Help your children develop their fine motor skills by constructing these twofold toys – perfect for building and for igniting their creative sides through play.

LEGO City Building Sets

Every city has its hallmarks, and LEGO City is no exception. Barns and train stations, car garages and banks, and so much more help breathe life into a play session, giving context and locations for fun to blossom around.

LEGO City Station Sets

From the humble grounded LEGO City Fire sets, with its various stations, to the wild space stations out in orbit, there’s no lack of choice, that much is for sure! These add character to your cityscape and helpful careers to your child’s LEGO world, helping them understand more about the one they live in, too.

LEGO City Stunts Sets

Last, but certainly not least, are the LEGO City Stunts sets. Perfect for the thrill seeking kids out there, build elaborate stunt tracks and watch the cars fly through them. Dramatic loops, spinning hoops, and adrenaline-filled challenges await those who seek these sets out!

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