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Kinetic Sand

Bring the beach home and immerse yourself into the playful universe of Kinetic Sand, filled with colours, scents and perfect for sculpting without leaving any mess! Explore endless playtime with creative playsets, and a variety of different molds to pull, pack, and squish your Kinetic Sand masterpieces.

Kinetic Sand – what is it?

Let’s discover the wonder of Kinetic Sand – a soft, scented, and colourful alternative to regular sand. Unleash creativity without the mess, perfect for indoor playtime compared to sand tables made for the outdoors.

Kinetic Sand holds its shape when squeezed as it is coated with a material to help hold shapes rather than crumble like other sand toys.

Get the beach experience with Kinetic Sand at home!

Scented Kinetic Sand

Mix and match Kinetic Sand collections to create unique fragrances and a sensory-rich experience. With a variety of delightful scents like watermelon, apple, ice cream, berry, vanilla and many more!

This is a fantastic way to introduce new scents to children, parents please be advised, little ones should not eat the Kinetic Sand.

Fun molds and shapes with Kinetic Sand playsets

Awaken your child’s inner architect with Kinetic Sand playsets. From construction-themed sets like Dig and Demolish to the Ultimate Sandsisfying Playset, building structures and molding unique shapes has never been more exciting and mess free!

Experiment and combine Kinetic Sand with tools, sand modelling kits, and slimes and putties for more hands-on sets leading to an enhanced play experience.

How Kinetic Sand helps with sensory play

Kinetic sand is excellent for sensory play due to several reasons, such as: tactile stimulation, enhanced creativity, and fine motor skills development, to name a few. Discover more in our article ‘Why Sensory Play is Good for Children’.

Kinetic Sand is great for parents looking for new ways to experience playtimes without stress due to its versatility and no messy residue. Some parents may find that their children prefer alternative sensory toys or fidget toys.

In summary, watch your child’s creativity soar with Kinetic Sand, there are just endless possibilities.