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Nerf Minecraft

The world of Minecraft grows imaginations. It lets kids explore freely and build to their heart's content. No wonder children love it, and that excitement can come outside with our range of Nerf Minecraft Blasters. Buildable with other Nerf blasters, but uniquely inspired by the blocky look of Minecraft.Bring the battle home and shop our range below.

Bring Nerf Minecraft to Life

Recreating those amazing moments from Minecraft takes the right tools. Whether it's adding onto other Minecraft toys, or giving your child a first step away from their virtual playground, a Minecraft Nerf Blaster is a great option. Perfect for children aged 8 and up, now's the time to get in the know of the three kinds of blasters available, and get out there to mine at night – or blast in the day!

The Different Kinds of Minecraft Nerf Blasters

When it comes to bringing the blocks home, there are three main types of blasters to keep in mind. Melee, mobs, and ranged. Sound confusing? Don't worry, we'll give you a quick rundown of the variations, and what they mean when in the field:

  • Melee - Close-range blasters that fire darts to stun the competition and look just like tools from Minecraft itself! A great example is the Nerf Minecraft Stormlander Blaster, a mighty hammer that holds three darts and fires them one at a time. Just prime the dart with the pull-back handle and let it fly.
  • Mobs - The enemies of Minecraft are iconic in their own right, from the humble spider to the spooky ghost. Get the look and impact of these with the themed blasters, like the Nerf Microshots Minecraft Ender Ghast Dart Blaster. It holds one dart at a time, and while it may be small it's mighty in a pinch. Plus, it makes a great collectable.
  • Ranged - When it comes to distance fire, the ranged Nerf Minecraft options hold the fort. Borrowing the blocky aesthetic is the Nerf Minecraft Pillager's Crossbow Blaster, able to switch between firing one and three darts at a time with its drawstring design.

Each of these gives a different experience, and requires a different set of skills. Fine-tune your muscle memory, choose the best fit for you , and keep the energy high while out blasting!

More Nerf Gaming Brands

Minecraft isn't the only digital world that Nerf brings to the battlefield. For those that love to make their own way, our collection of Nerf Roblox blasters let you bring that creative spirit into outside play. Explore a world all around you while repping your favourite online experience, and get the edge on the competition.

For those who love FPS gaming, our Nerf Fortnite blasters make a fantastic option. Modelled on in-game weapons, and ready to set darts flying across the field, you'll be getting that well-earned victory with these in your arsenal.

All our Nerf blasters work well with each other, so check out the rest of our Nerf blasters and accessories to keep your options open when playing!