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Nerf Darts and Accessories

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Nerf darts. If you're a fan of foam-blasting fun, you're in for a treat. Get ready to take your game to the next level with our amazing range of Nerf accessories. From battle goggles to dart refills, we've got everything you need to ramp up your Nerf combats and come out on top.

Nerf up your game at The Entertainer

Whether you're looking to upgrade your Nerf blaster skills or just stock up on ammo, we've got everything you need. Dive into our collection of Nerf darts and accessories and start blasting your way to victory! With our unbeatable selection and unbeatable prices, you're sure to find something that'll give you the edge in your next Nerf showdown. Let's go!

Top up your ammo with Nerf dart refills

It's always a great idea to have a supply of refill darts, so you can keep the fun going for longer without having to worry about running out of ammo. You can fire the foam darts to your heart's content and not have to stop the game to collect them. In our range, you'll find refill dart packs for the Elite 2.0 blasters, darts for the Ultra blasters, and more!

It's important to remember that not all Nerf darts are the same, and using the wrong type of dart can affect your blaster's performance. So, make sure you get refill darts that are custom-made for your blaster for ultimate power potential.

Perfect your aim

Want to know the secret to dominating your opponents in the ultimate foam battle? It's all about preparation, and that means practising your aim with Nerf targets. There is the Nerf Elite Hit N' Spin Target, Elite Strike and Score Digital Target and the Elite Portable Practice Target. Each has its own features and challenges allowing you to train anywhere and everywhere.

Not only is target practice a fun way to sharpen your skills, but it also helps you develop muscle memory and fine-tune your aim. You'll become more familiar with your blaster and be able to fire off shots with lightning-fast precision. And that's not all! Refining your skills with targets also helps you to stay calm and focused during a battle, there's no doubt you'll hit your targets with ease. Are you ready to take your Nerf game to the next level?

Accessories to give you the edge in battle

Foam warriors, you're going to want to gear up with some serious protection, and that's where Nerf Elite Battle Goggles come in. These goggles aren't just a stylish accessory but a must-have for any serious Nerf enthusiast. Why? Because they keep your eyes safe from rogue darts flying around the battlefield. You might think you're invincible with your blaster in hand, but you're not without your safety protection.

Explore more with Nerf Fortnite. And check out our complete range of blasters and prepare for action! You'll get free UK delivery on orders over £29.99 and free Click & Collect.