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Nerf Super Soakers

Summer's here and it's time to make a splash with Nerf Super Soakers and water blasters! They're wonderful for hours of water-blasting action in the garden. Take on family and friends, and make sure you soak them before they soak you.

Let summer commence with Nerf water blasters

Nerf water blasters take water fights to new levels! Kids can switch it up between blasting and water dumping thanks to the innovative settings on each blaster. Whether you're planning water antics with friends or simply want to cool off in the hot weather, our selection of water blasters and Super Soakers have got you covered.

With a range of sizes, designs, and features, there's a Super Soaker for everyone - from the original Super Soakers to the Hyrdo Balls. Take aim and let the water fly up to 38 feet! With power-pumping action, each model is perfect for drenching your opponents. And don’t worry about running out of water mid-water battle, each Nerf blaster can hold a whopping amount of water, giving you plenty of firepower for long-lasting fun.

Rest assured, Nerf Super Soakers are built to last, with durable construction and easy-to-use controls that are perfect for kids and adults alike. Each model comes with handy instructions, you'll easily learn how to get started. So, get ready to beat the heat and make a splash with Nerf Super Soakers - the ultimate summer accessory.

Get soaked and get outdoors with Nerf Super Soakers

Not only do Nerf water toys provide hours of endless excitement, but they also encourage active play and spending time outdoors. Children (and even adults) can run around and chase each other whilst spraying water, promoting physical activity and exercise, without them even realising it. And being in nature can help children feel calm, relaxed, and happy. Nerf blasters also allow kids to engage in social interaction. Playing against opponents is a great way for them to bond and build relationships, as they work together to come up with thrilling new games and genius strategies.

Power up your gift-giving with Nerf water toys

Looking for a gift that's guaranteed to make a splash? Look no further than Nerf water blasters! From Super Soakers to cool water toys – they are the ultimate way to cool off and have some fun in the sun. With bright colours and cool designs, they are sure to impress kids of all ages. Whether they prefer a small agile blaster or a large and powerful Super Soaker, there's a Nerf gift for everyone sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Explore the full range of Nerf for more fun! And make sure you check out all our outdoor toys and water toys to get ready for action this summer. It's free UK delivery on orders over £29.99 and free Click & Collect.