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Friendship bracelets are one of those playground trends that comes around every few years – you might remember making woven chevron bracelets out of embroidery thread in the 90’s, or a few years ago, the trend came back in a different way with Scoubidous and more recently Stringalings; plastic threads that can be woven into bracelets and keyrings.

This time around there’s a new twist, and it’s creating a buzz for Taylor Swift fans across the world. If you have a Swift fan in the house it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that her sell-out Eras tour will be coming to the UK this summer. It’s the fastest selling female-led concert of all time, as well as smashing multiple other records. Along with the iconic sparkly outfits and brand new music, one of the most fun aspects of the Eras tour has been the resurgence of friendship bracelets, sparked by the lyrics in one of Taylor’s songs:

“So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it”

You’re On Your Own, Kid (Midnights, 2022)

This unassuming lyric has sparked a huge ongoing trend in concert-goers. Ever since it was first released, fans have been making friendship bracelets to swap at Taylor Swift concerts and the craze shows no sign of slowing. In fact, craft and jewellery making suppliers in the US where Taylor is currently touring have reported big surges in sales of beads, thread and bracelet-making materials and Etsy sellers are also seeing a significant uplift in the sale of ready-made bracelets tagged with Taylor Swift. However, you don’t have to buy ready-made – there are lots of fun and varied kits available to spark yours and your children’s creativity.

Bracelet making kits from above

The friendship bracelets being swapped at concerts tend to be bright, colourful and feature words from Taylor’s albums and songs. Lyrics, song titles, Taylor quotes and Swift puns are all being woven into candy-coloured bracelets made for swapping with new friends at the live concerts. Concert attendees are holding crafting nights, creating online communities before events and forming new friendships before meeting up on the big night and swapping, sharing and gifting their creations.

Make Your Own Themed Friendship Bracelets

You don’t have to be a Taylor Swift fan to enjoy the bracelet making trend! We love the idea of creating bracelets, not just for Taylors concerts but to swap with friends and family at other events, or just for fun. Whether or not you scored tickets for the show, making and swapping friendship bracelets is a fun, creative activity that children (and adults!) of all abilities will enjoy.

Collection of alphabet beads and other jewellery making supplies

Here’s our top tips for making friendship bracelets to swap, share and wear:

Use a strong thread or elastic – our kits all contain plenty of thread to get started with, or you can pick up threading elastic and thread at your local sewing shop or online.

Pick a suitable way of securing your bracelets – tie elastic with a strong knot (this knot works perfectly!) and slip them over your wrist, or use clasps and jumprings on chain bracelets.

Letter beads are available as part of kits or separately online – use them to spell out words or short phrases, remember to thread your words backwards for them to read correctly!

Swiftie bracelets tend to feature a song title or album title, and fans are theming their bracelets with colours and charms relating to the song (red for her album ‘Red’, dark blues and blacks for ‘Midnights’ etc)

If you aren’t a Swift fan, try your favourite quote, pet’s name, band name, best friend, favourite food, computer game, film quote, joke….

Add coloured beads, charms or tassels to really make them unique and stack them up high on your wrists to really make a statement and attract interested swappers!

How To Get Involved In Bracelet Swaps

If you are attending a concert, it should be easy to see who is willing to take part in bracelet swaps and gifting. Keep an eye out for people of the same age who are wearing armfuls of colourful bands, chances are they will have made them especially for swapping. It’s the ideal opportunity to encourage shyer kids to connect with their peers, so if you are accompanying a young fan, don’t forget to encourage them to offer their own bracelets to swap.

** Safety First – Make sure children are accompanied by a responsible adult when they are approaching others for swaps, especially at high profile events**

If you haven’t got a big concert in your diary this year, there are lots of ways you and your family can get involved in the bracelet swapping trend. Try searching for locally based Facebook groups, there are several very active groups that support swaps between bracelet-makers all over the world. You could also look out for local craft workshops for adults or children, to meet and make friends with other crafty swappers. Bracelet swaps are also becoming more popular at festivals and smaller events in the UK – take a few  handmade creations to events of all types and you’ll be surprised how many new friendships you might make.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get involved in the friendship bracelet trend. Take a look at all of the bracelet making and charm bracelet kits we have in stock and don’t forget to tag as @theentertainer if you share pictures on social media!


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