Games The Family Can Share Together at Home

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Spending quality time is crucial, and what better way to bond than over a fun-filled family games night?

In this blog, we have provided fun family games to play at home, from our board game edition to games you can play for free! These games are sure to bring your family closer together and create lasting memories.

Happy playing!

family playing cards together

1. Jenga Classic Stacking Game

Jenga is one of the best family games, perfect for indoor fun! Players take turns removing wooden blocks from a tall tower and carefully placing them on top, without making the tower tumble.

As the game progresses, the tension builds, and the excitement grows.

Jenga is easy to learn but challenging to master, making it enjoyable for all ages. Get ready for hours of fun and laughter with this classic stacking game that will keep your family entertained at home!

family jenga.

2. Cluedo Liars Edition

This classic family game, Cluedo Liars Edition, has all the elements of a classic Cluedo game, with a twist to keep everyone on their toes.

Players must solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Bobby, where, and with what, but this time, they can lie to throw their opponents off the scent!

Each player is given cards that will be used to eliminate suspects, weapons, and rooms.

The game begins with one player making a statement about the crime, and the other must decide whether to believe it or not. The catch is that even if the statement was true, players can choose to lie and hope to fool their opponents!

This game is easy to learn and exciting to play, with each game being a different challenge as players try to outsmart one another. Get ready to solve the mystery, catch the liar, and have a blast with some quality family time.

3. Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the ultimate family games to play! This playful and entertaining board game is all about buying properties, building houses and hotels, and for the unlucky ones, paying rent and fees and basically bankrupting your opponents.

The objective of this game is to become the wealthiest on the board by the end.

To start, players choose a game piece and roll the dice to move around the board. You can start buying properties you land on and charge other rent for landing on your properties. You can even go to jail if you land on the wrong spot!

This game is filled with surprises, players must use strategy and negotiation skills to truly succeed in this game.

Monopoly is easy to learn but can take hours to finish, which is perfect for those long evenings indoors with the family.

two children playing monopoly on the floor

4. Addo Games Twist and Tumble

It’s officially competitive! Addo Games Twist and Tumble is all about balance and agility as players take turns spinning a wheel and following the instructions.

To start, 2-4 players take turns spinning the wheel to determine which hand or foot must match a colour block. For example, the wheel might land on ‘Left Hand’ and then colour ‘Red’ you must then place your hand on the colour red and not move unless the wheel tells you to move your left hand to another colour.

This becomes more and more difficult as everyone starts landing on their colour blocks. You must then maneuver around others without falling.

How to win? It’s simple. Be the last one standing! Get ready for some tumbles and twists for the next family playtime.

Twister game

5. Triggle Territory Grabbing Game

This is the perfect, extremely playful, indoor game suitable for all families. This game is all about speed and strategy as players race to grab the most territories and become the ultimate Triggle champion.

To start, players begin by rolling dice and moving around the board. Each space on the board represents a different territory that players can claim by landing on it. But, beware! Players can steal your territory by simply landing on them.

This is a fast-paced game, full of surprises, making it entertaining for a variety of ages. This colourful board game is easy to learn but takes quick thinking to become the ultimate Triggler!

Triggle game.

Family Games to Play for Free

1. Charades

This is the perfect game to get all family members involved, and all you need is your imagination!

To play, simply write down a list of movies, tv shows, characters or actions on slips of paper and place in a bowl. Taking turns in teams, one person acts out the word or phrase on the piece of paper and their team must guess what the title or action is.

The team with the most correct guesses wins! This is a simple and easy game to play at home to bond with your family.

2. Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a fun and active game that can be played with numerous players. The objective of the game is to avoid touching the floor at all costs by jumping from one piece of furniture to the next.

Players take turn calling out “The floor is lava!” and everyone must quickly find a piece of furniture to jump onto.

It is a silly game that gets everyone up, moving and laughing.

3. Heads Up

This app-based game is a blast for anyone who gets involved.

One player holds their phone up to their forehead with a word or phrase displayed. Other players on the same team begin giving clues to help their teammate guess what their card says (without saying the actual word).

This game is a great free option to get the family laughing.

a group of children all in a line laughing with different coloured balls

4. Pictionary  

Pictionary is the perfect drawing game for friends and family.  

To play, all you need is a pen and paper and divide the group into two teams. Everyone takes turn drawing, and their team must try and guess what that drawing is.  

The first team to guess correctly gets a point. It’s a fun and creative way to test your artistic skills and spend time with the family.  

Want to try this game with a fun interactive tool? Try Pictionary AIR

 5. Knock it Out! 

All you will need is an apple, orange or tennis ball and nylon. Put the ball in the nylon and put it on your head.  

The aim of the game is to swing the ball and knock down water bottles that are placed on the floor. It may be a silly game but is incredibly fun for the whole family!  

Get competitive in teams of two, whichever team knocks down the bottles the fastest, or knocks down the most bottles, wins!  

6. Chocolate Face 

All is needed for this game is chocolate or Oreos (as these are vegan friendly). 

To play, divide yourselves into two teams, two people go against each other every time. Whilst seated, place the piece of chocolate or Oreo in between your eyebrows and using your facial muscles get the piece into your mouth!  

And no hands allowed!  

Who wins? Whoever eats the chocolate or Oreo the fastest!  

Shop the full range of games to find the perfect fit for your family night in!

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