How to Create Quality Family Time

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This article is all about the world of family and how it provides more giggles, bonding and heartwarming moments. Let’s jump into the delightful realm of quality family time and how to plan unforgettable days ahead.

1. Where fun becomes habit: establish a family time routine

Okay, so we are advised to floss our teeth daily, but how about flossing our family time?

Planning in family days and activities is like giving your calendar a dash of confetti. A routine helps carve out those special moments amid the chaos of life. With everyone’s busy schedules it’s important to be able to prioritise family time and diving into a game or two.

For example, “Oh, it’s Wednesday? Time for our epic family board games night!”

Family plays Jenga together.

2. The mini-grownups rule: let your child plan the day

Sure, adults might be experts in choosing the best cereal, but when it comes to fun activities, let your little one takeover (with a little guidance from you, of course).

When kids choose their own activities, they become the maestros of their family symphony and  get to feel a sense of control. Sure, it might involve a unicorn tea party in the living room or a scavenger hunt that somehow involves every sock in the house, but hey, it’s their masterpiece. This is what family time is here for.

The best toys for family time: uniting generations

Whether you go all out on outdoor toys and garden games or channel your inner artist with arts and crafts projects, there are several fun games to choose from that will ensure everyone is creating valuable memories to last for many years to come. If you are unsure what games your family will love, then try them all! You are bound to find the right dynamic for the adults and little ones.

3. Start a hobby or project together

Have you ever seen that sparkle in your child’s eye when they are fully engrossed in their hobby?

Sharing those moments together makes you, their hero. So, find the time in your diary to sit down and join them on their journey of building a LEGO masterpiece or join them in their newfound love for kids’ fancy dress-up games.

This is not just bonding time, but this lays the superglue foundation for children forging key memories, gaining confidence, and feeling celebrated by their family.

Dad and daughter dance together.

4. Have Dinner Together

Step away from the modern world of technology and gather ‘round the dinner table for a family catch-up. Share stories, jokes, discuss new topics the kids are learning at school, and share “guess what happened today” tales.

This is a great opportunity for the family to put aside their to-do lists and for the kids to learn some life wisdom while eating a delicious meal.

5. All go for a walk or bike ride

Dessert? Maybe not this time, let’s go for a walk or family bike ride instead! This is a great way to keep the family active while scheduling in quality family time. Who knew a little stroll can lead to deep and meaningful conversations, uncontrollable laughter, and maybe even a little friendly race?

Family on a walk together.

6. Get to know your children’s friends

Remember that fun parent you secretly wanted to adopt as your own? Be that parent!

Many have seen their best friend’s parents, whether mother or father, as one of their best friends also. It’s not about trying to be a “cool” or “trendy” parent, it’s about understanding your child’s world, forging connections by asking the kids about their day and showing interest in their experiences or activities. Whether that is by getting the best gifts for the group, from toddler toys to older options, or through joining in on their fun when invited, getting involved here can help a bunch.

Doing this, opens the opportunity of enjoying life with your children, as they move through life.

7. Create a family group chat

Texting isn’t just for emojis and GIFs; it’s a way to keep the family close together.

Whether sharing funny videos, planning your calendars, or just checking in with each other, this group chat idea keeps the family united in the digital world.

Girl texting.

8. Encourage mutual support

Team family, assemble!

Support isn’t just for superheroes; it’s what makes a family’s unity unbreakable.

Supporting each other gives everyone a sense of belonging and immense love. Applaud your siblings’ achievements, cheer for the kids at their football game (even if you have no clue what is happening) and embrace each other when life throws a curve-ball. This is a fantastic way for children to develop healthy relationships within and outside of their family dynamic while learning coping mechanisms.

Why is Quality Family Time Important?

Think of family time as the secret ingredient that makes your family recipe utterly delicious.

When the family is together, having fun, sharing stories, and supporting each other, you’re creating the kind of memories to make everyone smile when times are tough and laugh even harder in the good times.


We hope you enjoy your next quality-family time, whether through playing with toys, board games, card games or just appreciating each other’s company with a nice meal, walk or bike ride.

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