Creating The Best Themed Parties for Your Little Ones

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Welcome to a world filled with excitement, themed parties!

From the tiniest toddlers to the spirited older kids, we are here to guide you through a spectrum of thrilling kids birthday party ideas, each filled with unique food ideas, decorations, and games.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

There are several parts to consider when planning your little adventurers party, but there are a few key things you wouldn’t want to miss out on. We recommend considering: the menu, music, decorations, theme and most importantly, games!

Have fun and dress up alongside your child to spark their imagination from the very beginning. There are several board games and card games you can have a look at, alternatively, don’t be afraid to create your own games like scavenger hunts, talent shows or guessing games. And don’t forget the classics like Pass the Parcel – a great way to use up that extra wrapping paper! We will mention some free games at the end of this article.

Remember, as long as the kids stay busy, they are bound to have the best day!

Character Party Themes for all Ages

Every child has a cherished character they adore and relate to. Let’s dive into a realm of imagination for kids’ party themes that work for a variety of ages.

Princess themed party dress.

1. Disney Princess Party Ideas

Transform your home into a royal castle with amazing Disney decorations. Whether with stickers, castle towers for the corners of the room, or a grand throne that reflects the princess your child wants to be! Serve magical treats like “Cinderella’s Carriage Cupcakes” or “Ariel’s Under the Sea Jello”.

Additionally, keep your princesses engaged by coming up with exciting games that bring the whole theme together such as a “Find the Glass slipper” or “Find Founder” game.

Have a look at our Disney Princess range to find toys and games that will bring your theme to life.

2. Star Wars Party Ideas

Host an intergalactic day with Stars Wars themed decorations and serve “Dark and Light Side Cookies” and “Lightsaber Pretzels”. Maybe even Yoda can make an appearance?

Engage your little Jedi’s with a “Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda” game! Check out our full Star Wars toys and games range to bring your galaxies to life.

3. Superheroes Party Ideas

Turn your home into a Superhero base or hideout with several comic-inspired decorations. You can make “Superhero Mini Burgers” and “Heroic Veggie Platters” to add some extra creativity to the theme.

Let the superheroes in-training participate in a “Rescue Mission Obstacle Course”! Whether outside using several outdoor games or indoor using pillows and blankets, this will be a great way to create lasting memories. We have all the best Kids Superhero Fancy Dress-Up costumes to choose from!

Boy wearing mask and cape while laying on floor.

Party Themes for Toddlers

4. Paw Patrol Party Theme

Engage with little one’s by creating a dream world of everything Paw Patrol! Bake “Paw Patrol Pup-cakes” and “Pupcorn” to allow the toddlers imaginations to run wide!

Create a simple scavenger hunt and why not name it the “Paw Patrol Pup Hunt” game. Place all the different characters around your home or hide them in the garden, and watch as the kids run and jump in joy whenever one has been discovered. There is a variety of Paw Patrol toys to choose from!

5. Frozen Party Theme

Bring the winter wonderland to your home! Place a variety of frozen decorations hanging from the ceiling and around the house. Allow your inventions to blow everyone away with “Snowflake Sandwiches” and “Elsa’s Frozen Ice Cream Bar”.

Let your mini-Elsa dress up in an all-inspired princess look and watch as the kids have a “Freeze Dance Party”. Maybe your pet can be Olaf? For everything Frozen Disney princess inspired shop the full range today.

Kids celebrate birthday party.

6. Peppa Pig Party Theme

Celebrate with Peppa Pig and friends by setting decorations with Peppa’s signature colour palette, PINK! Serve “Muddy Puddle Pudding Cups” and “Peppa’s Fruit Kabobs” to make your little one’s day complete. The kids will be jumping with joy when you introduce “Peppa Pig’s Pinata”.

There is a full range of Peppa Pig toys that can make this theme a reality, don’t worry, we have you covered.

7. Animal Party Theme

Host an adorable animal party with decorations inspired by nature, have a vine leaf wall, or a jungle themed room to create an atmosphere all the kids will remember. Serve a “Safari Snack Mix” and “Animal Faced Cupcakes” that every child will love.

Engage all the kids in a “Animal Sounds Guessing Game”, this can be fun for all involved! Play the sounds and separate the kids in teams, whichever team has their hands up first will get to guess! To find all the animal toys you need for this, have a look at our full range.

8. Teddy Bear Picnic Theme

Create a cosy atmosphere filled with soft toys and teddy bear décor. Set up little picnic matts in the living room or in the garden and decorate each with toys, teddy bears, and fantastic theme-inspired foods. For example, you can serve “Bear Sandwiches” and “Honey Pot Cookies” that every child will enjoy.

For extra entertainment, look at hosting a “Teddy Bear Parade”, where each child can showcase their furry friend and what they love most about them! To have your fill of soft toys and teddy bears, have a look at our diverse ranges.

Teddy Bear picnic

Birthday Party Themes for 5-6-Year-Olds

As your kids grow, their imagination takes flight! Here are some themes to match their boundless energy:

9. Under The Sea Party Theme

Take a deep dive into a wonderful underwater world with shimmering decorations, delightful “Shell Cupcakes” and possibly a “Mermaid Treasure Hunt” game that’ll have all the kids searching for the sea’s hidden treasures! Be sure to check under the waves!

To find the perfect Barbie mermaid dolls for this underwater adventure, look no further.

10. Space Party Theme

Get ready for takeoff and explore into space with cosmic decorations and bake “Alien Pops” to bring excitement to the overall theme. Play fun games like “Spot the UFO” or “Rocket Ship Relay” games to bring everyone together in racing to the stars.

11. Science Party Theme

Ignite some curiosity and decorate your home or venue with science-inspired decorations, you can create a child-friendly “Mad Scientist Punch”, and a “Fizzing Volcano” experiment that will have the kids jumping in awe. Set up a experimental lab section for kids to experiment and take an interest in all kinds of chain reactions! (Be sure all chemicals are child-friendly).

three friends do some science together.

12. Pirate Party Theme

Ahoy, matey! Transform your space into a pirate haven, you can use cardboard boxes to create a pirate ship, and even set up your own treasure corner. Get excited and bake some “Treasure Map Cookies” and let the kids embark on the magnificent journey of a “Pirate Treasure Hunt” to find all the hidden loot!

13. Arts and Crafts Party Theme

Create a dynamic and vibrant environment with arts and crafts set up around your space for children to enjoy endless creative outlets. Bake “Rainbow Cupcakes” and think about making a “Group Canvas Masterpiece” activity. This activity will turn the party into a wonderful masterpiece and create great memories to cherish.

Friends making arts and crafts projects.

Birthday Party Ideas for 7-10-Years Olds

Older kids deserve parties that will match their growing interests. Brace yourself for some captivating themes:

14. The Avengers Party Theme

Create a kids fancy dress party and assemble a heroic celebration with superhero-theme décor. Make “Avengers Popcorn” and set up a “Superhero Training Obstacle Course” to have kids exert their energy whilst feeling like true heroes.

15. Movie Party Theme

Roll out the red carpet for your mini celebrities as they get ready for the big premiere! Set up a projector to play all the kids favourites videos or movies. Create fun cinema snacks like “Coloured Popcorn” or “Grammy Cookies”. Engage in a fun game of “Movie Trivia”, split the kids into 2, 3 or 4 teams and have a blast as each team races to answer first!

Kids play football in garden

16. Outdoor Adventure Party Theme

Indulge in the great outdoor and have the best nature-inspired party. Set up fun garden games like bowling, archery, and the egg race and watch as the kids have the time of their lives running up and down and having some healthy competition amongst themselves. Food can include a “Trail Mix Bar” filled with different snacks and treats.

17. Cooking Party Theme

Motivate your young chefs with cooking-themed decorations and bake “Mini Chef Pizzas” for all to enjoy. Set up fun games and competitions such as a “Cupcake Decorating Contest” to showcase everyone’s culinary creativity and skill! Give them all an extra treat by having medals awaiting them at the end of the contest.

Games and Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Let’s be honest, entertainment is the main event at any party. Check out these fun game ideas that will keep the kids laughing and playing:

18. Board Games

Spark some more friendly competition with kids’ board games! From all the old school classics to the newer board games. There is a game for every group of friends.

Kids picnic together.

19. Games for Free

Looking for some budget-friendly game ideas? Well, here is a list of all the classics:

  • Simon Says
  • Freeze Dance
  • Musical Chairs
  • Hide and Seek
  • Tag
  • Two Truths One Lie
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Guess The Song/Film/Show/Character

20. LEGO

Alternatively, why not set up a LEGO station with a great playset to create with friends? You can set up iconic builds from LEGO Super Mario to LEGO Minecrafts or LEGO Disney Princess to LEGO Marvel! If you have no clue which LEGO set you would want, try searching in our Lego gift finder.


With endless kids’ birthday party themes to choose from, it’s impossible to go wrong! Get your little one involved in helping you plan the day, food, décor and events as they are sure to enjoy giving a helping hand for their big day!

Remember to plan a few games to make sure the kids stay entertained for hours on end and create the most memorable birthday party.

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