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  • Disney Princess

    Feel like royalty with our Disney Princess collection. Find everything an aspiring ruler needs to create magical adventures with your favourite heroines like Elsa and Moana, from fancy dresses and gorgeous accessories, to magnificent LEGO palaces straight out of a fairytale. Reenact your favourite Disney Princess moments and make endless new memories with the full range below.

    Collect Your Favourite Princess Dolls

    Let your imagination run free with Disney princess dolls, and create stories full of action, mystery, and excitement. Whether you want to recreate your favourite scenes from the movies, the soundtrack included, or have better ideas for these impressive characters – it's all up to you!

    Here, you'll find classic Disney princess dolls and modern ones. Whether your special characteris Ariel or Cinderella, explore our beautiful dolls and playsets and bring them to life with new encounters and travels:

    • Ariel toys - Dive into a world of enchantment with Ariel and make a splash with these fin-tastict toys.
    • Cinderella dolls - Get ready for a royal ball and let your imagination soar with Cinderella.
    • Snow White toys - Join Snow White and her adorable forest friends in a whimsical adventure.
    • Belle dolls - Be our guest and step into the enchanting world of the timeless tale of love, bravery, and talking teacups.
    • Rapunzel dolls - Let down your hair with Rapunzel she'll have you tangled up in fun and whimsy!
    • Frozen toys - Brace yourself for a frosty escapade with Anna and Elsa and visit the icy kingdom of Arendelle.
    • Moana toys - Set sail on a daring voyage across the ocean with Moana.

    Funko Princesses

    For older fans, there are some awesome Disney Funko Pops! ready for you to add to your collection. Discover iconic characters like Mickey and Minnie, as well as the newest favourites from snow queen Elsa to special edition Ariel. Find your newest, adorable companion.

    Create Your Royal Palace

    Your kingdom awaits with our collection of stunning Disney princess playsets. Set your magical adventures in your favourite locations including the secret tower of Rapunzel and Belle's French castle. Don't forget, you can travel across your imagination in style with Moana's boat – ready to provide safe passage for all of your princess dolls.

    For the crafty princesses, the LEGO Disney Princess range has some magnificent sets for you to build and enjoy. Design a full world of adventure and magic that spans from Mulan and Jasmine's palaces to Anna and Elsa's winter wonderland to Ariel's underwater grotto. With LEGO there are endless possibilities to bring your favourite princesses to new places and exciting new stories every time you play.

    Be The Fairest Of Them All

    We love the Disney princesses for having such great style, from beautiful bouncy ball gowns, to sparkly fairy wings, and colourful accessories - who wouldn’t want to dress like a princess? Discover our princess dress up wardrobe to find all of the iconic looks including Anna and Elsa's traditional dresses, Belle's unique yellow gown, and even Ariel's tail! Remember to complete your transformation into royalty with all the right accessories and versatile face paints.

    Ride In Princess Style

    Ready to go on your own adventures? The exclusive Disney Princess bikes from Huffy will get you where you need to go with speed, safety, and most importantly, style. Choose from icy blue Frozen-inspired designs or the classic princess pink in both training bikes for those who need some help with their balance, and grown-up bikes for the older princesses. Follow in the Disney heroines' footsteps and discover the world!

    Discover the full Disney range to see even more famous characters, super fun puzzles and jigsaws, and even accessories to show your devotion.

Disney Princess Dolls & Toys