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It is finally that time of year again, the sun is shining, you can hear the birds chirp-chirping, and the gorgeous scent of flowers fills the air!

Now is the perfect time to gather your friends and loved ones and come together to throw the best garden party. (We might know a thing or two that will impress your guests and create everlasting memories.)

Imagine this: the echoes of laughter run through the garden as your guests mingle and sip on their teas or cocktails. You can hear the sizzling barbecue from 100 yards away and the smell is mouth-watering (don’t be surprised if you hear your neighbours knocking). Simultaneously, the children are running around playing games whilst the adults soak in the sun and laugh about all the silly things that have happened since you last met.

But, how do you plan the perfect garden party that has all the elements of a great time?

It takes a bit of effort and creativity, but with the right planning and some attention to detail, you can throw a garden party that will be the talk of the town or of the year. So, grab a cuppa, maybe even a notepad, and get ready to be inspired!

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Themes & Menus

Choosing a theme for your garden party can arguably be one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. Themes set the tone for the whole event, adding an element of excitement that your guests are guaranteed to appreciate and enjoy.

The first thing to think about when choosing a theme for your garden party is the season.

Will you be planning a summer party? With the long warm days, and a soft breeze, maybe a tropical theme would be fitting? Could you imagine it?

Colourful flowers, tiki torches, fruity cocktails and a great summer playlist might just right up your alley!
Or, if you’re throwing a party in the autumn, a harvest theme with pumpkin decorations, warm spiced drinks, and a cosy fire pit might be more appropriate.

Take your guests into consideration when planning which theme to choose. If you’re inviting many families with young children maybe a costume inspired, or circus inspired theme could be a wonderful hit!

If your guest list is mostly adults, a refined garden party with a vintage theme could be perfect or a lovely tea party with delicate sandwiches, scones, and pastries, and floral decorations might be a better fit.

You could also choose a colour scheme, like a white and blue theme, or a pattern like floral or sparkles. You could even choose a theme based on your favourite book, movie, or TV show. The possibilities are endless. (Imagine your guests show up as different Marvel superheroes!) Plus, you can expand on this for the little ones with matching outdoor furniture, perfect for the occasion!

Remember, both your menu and décor will be adapted based on your theme! Be sure to pick a theme that you love and excites you and the family.

It’s important to remember dietary requirement if you’re planning on feeding everyone. Take into consideration your guests’ allergies or maybe you want to offer some vegetarian or gluten-free options. Be sure to label any food that might affect your guests.

Planning Your Decorations

After choosing the theme that best represents you, you can start thinking of ways to bring your garden to life visually!
One great way to transform your outdoor space is by decorating with extra flowers. (You can never go wrong with extra flowers!) Choose flowers that fit with your theme, for example, sunflowers might be used for a summer theme party or roses may be used for a vintage theme.

Put the flowers in vases and scatter theme on tables, or create a flower arch for that dramatic entrance or photo opportunity.
Another way to bring your garden to life is using different forms of lighting. You could place lovely colour-changing fairy lights around the gazebo, place lanterns on the pathway, and candles on the table. Not only will you be creating a wonderful ambience, but it will also help for when the sun begins to set. You can also bring in some extra whimsy with bubble machines. Just set one up in the garden and watch the light sparkle through the bubbles as they float through the air!

Be sure to think of seating, will you want to add cushions or blankets?

Maybe you want to set up a bar area with drinks and glasses.

Activities To Bring Everyone Together

No garden party is complete without the fun group activities and outdoor toys and games that are sure to keep your guests entertained.

Feel like being creative? Set up a treasure hunt around your garden and leave clues for your guests to find throughout the day. The person who finds the treasure gets to win a prize!

There are several garden games toys to get everyone involved and enjoying their day!

Want to have some fun with the children and adults?

Set up a game of musical statues! Let the adults show off those pro moves while you all have a giggle and let your hair down. The children will of course jump at the chance to show off their confident dance moves. Whether body worms or spinning hips, it’s always a lovely sight.

Want to set up a game that involves teams?

Find a few pieces of string or thin rope and divide everyone into two teams and have them pair up in their teams. Each contestant will have one leg tied to the adjacent leg of their team partner. And now go, go ,go! Which ever team can complete the race first, wins!

Want to make it a little harder?

Blindfold both partners and have a bystander guide them.

Alternatively, if you have toddlers to consider, you can set up a bowling alley in your back yard! Fill some plastic bottles half full of water, position them at a distance, and use a football to try strike them down! (Special tip: pop a glow stick in the bottles to create a glow in the dark bowling alley.)


Whichever ideas you choose, make sure it’s something that you and your guests will enjoy and that complements the natural beauty of your garden.

With the right theme, décor, menu and entertainment, you’ll create a magical atmosphere that will leave your guests feeling delighted and talking about your party for years to come.

Happy partying!

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