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Like every parent, you have already wondered at least once, how can we keep the kids occupied and busy during the school holiday or the weekend?

Children typically enjoy spending time in front of screens such as TVs, game consoles, tablets and so on.

However, children also love running around outside and joining in outdoor activities is a great way for your little ones to learn whilst having great fun. Outdoor activities can encourage both adults and children to spend more time in nature and not have a reliance on technology as a source of entertainment.

The sun is out, quick, let’s get out!

Who wants to stay in on a nice sunny day?

The skies are blue, the weather is warm, and the birds are chirping, it’s the perfect occasion to plan a fun activity for you and the children and create unforgettable memories!

  • Day camping: Camping for a few days can be a little overwhelming for little ones, especially if it is the first time. Do not worry, you can certainly introduce day camping by setting up a tent in your garden or in the park and enjoying a daytime camping experience. Get the tent, a picnic, a few games and your day will be filled with fun activities! Once everyone is tired, you can head back home and the kids can appreciate a great night’s sleep in the comfort of their own bed.
  • A scavenger hunt: This is the perfect activity to familiarise your children with nature and get them learning about what their surroundings have to offer. Take them to the park, the woods or even your own garden and pick flowers, leaves, and branches or study insects with fun clues and watch your little ones try to figure out what you are hinting towards.
  • Mix sport and fun: Enjoy outdoor toys like a game of football or introduce a jumping contest on the trampoline. There are many outdoor games for families to enjoy together and these will be the perfect mix of exercise and family fun. Have a look at our fantastic range of outdoor toys and games.
  • Close to the water: Take your children to the beach, the lake or by the river for a day trip. Have a bike ride around the lake or look for fish in the chalk stream. There is so much to explore wherever there is water around. Can your little ones name all the different species of birds they see?
  • The zoo: Take a trip to the zoo. What’s better than spending the day discovering new animals and species? A trip to the zoo is always great fun and children are always very keen on animals. This could be a great idea for a day out with you and your family. Why not pack a picnic and make a day of it?!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

We do not believe in limiting our fun or play just because it’s cold outside!

Here are some ideas for outdoor activities to do during the colder months.

  • I can see the light: Make the most of the dark evenings by taking your family to see a light festival. Watching an amazing display of lights with different shapes placed outdoors can be an exciting experience for children. There are several venues around the UK where light festivals are organised, such as the light festival in Kew Gardens or Ashridge House, and they offer a wonderful spectacle for the eyes. Christmas light trails are a wonderful way to kick off the festive season with the family.
  • Visit a National Trust site: Usually open all year around, these are wonderful places for your children to learn and have fun at the same time. National Trust sites can be found all around the United Kingdom. Have a look at the Nation Trust site to find all locations around the UK and the activities they offer.
  • Sitting around the fire: Oh, what a cosy and lovely way to spend time with your loved ones! Sit around the fire and just enjoy each other’s company. Why not bring a few marshmallows to roast them with your children? A lovely evening that could be fuelled by laughter, great conversations, games, and love.
  • A nice walk: Why not take a lovely woodland walk with the children? They will love running around the crispy leaves, collecting sticks and rocks (that all look the same but nevertheless, we cheer them on!). They will also love to look at all the different colours the forests have to offer. A great display for the eyes and a fabulous way for the little ones to use that energy outside.
  • Build LEGO: Ultimate fun for any age! Why not start an exciting new LEGO set together? Build, have fun and stay entertained for hours on end. The achievement after finishing a LEGO set is second to none.
  • Creative play: A great way to bond is through arts and crafts! Start a new project and create a new DIY idea, after completing your project, display it around the house as a way to remember how the family shared their quality time together. Alternatively, for the families who love role play, why not have a fancy dress night? The kids will absolutely love it and you can let your hair down in a hilarious night of role playing.
  • Go foraging for a Winter or Christmas Wreath: Finally, make the most of what nature has to offer by taking your children to pick up bay leaves, moss, flowers, evergreen branches, and acorns to get creative with their wreath. There are plenty of wonderful things that can be found outdoors that can be collected to make your very own wreath with your little ones. This will allow you to create great bonding time and your own personal touch to decorate your home!

All in all, it is always important to make the most of the time you have with your children. Enjoy family outdoor activities, whether it is during winter or summer, and strengthen your relationships while your children create unforgettable memories.

So make the most of what nature has to offer and enjoy the fresh air!

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