Indoor Games For Siblings

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Indoor Games For Siblings

When there’s rain lashing against the window and grey clouds all around, having a selection of games that siblings can play together inside can be a lifesaver! Not only does playing games together help siblings bond and grow, they also offer a great place for them to learn valuable skills, enjoy friendly rivalry, and collaborative play together.

Whether the rain pours or the sun hides, these indoor games serve as a great path to joy and togetherness. But what kind of games are these? Follow along as we run through 10 different kinds for you and your little ones to try.

1. Roleplay games

For children who love to dress up and re-create exciting scenes, roleplay games are great! Siblings can get into character and bond over their imagination and creativity. With a brilliant selection of dress-up costumes of their favourite characters, they can mix and match, and spend hours immersed within a make-believe world together!

Twirl around as a princess, emerge from the shadows as Batman, or prepare for battle as a Jedi – there are costumes for all interests and ages! Maybe your children are interested in becoming a paramedic or a firefighter when they are older? They can suit up in brilliant emergency services costumes and get kitted out with all the correct tools.

Siblings can develop their creativity and communication skills and become an unbeatable team! There’s more, roleplay helps children develop key skills that they will need as they go through life. From emotional development, exploring different roles and responsibilities, developing collaborative skills and learning to empathise with the world around them – to name but a few reasons listed in this study – there is a lot that roleplay can offer.

Check out our dress-up toys, perfect for kids up to the age of 8 years. But remember, roleplay games are great for any age, and parents can always join in on the fun!

two children in superhero dress up outfits

2. Create sibling art

Art is a fabulous way to pass a gloomy afternoon, and there are so many activities that siblings can do together. And of course, have a giggle at the same time!

Art does a lot to encourage growth in children, too, especially when they get to collaborate with it from a young age. Creativity is one aspect that helps cognitive development, but it isn’t the only one; According to Michigan State University, art also helps children develop fine motor skills, mathematics and language skills.

Make sure to not only talk to your children about their work but also feel free to get stuck into the artistic world yourself. Painting alongside your children can be an amazing bonding experience, and makes for memorable times for younger siblings.

As for fun ideas, why not create and customise their own paper planes and see whose can go the furthest down the hall? Or siblings can take turns drawing an element of a character to create a collaborative piece. For more inspiration, check out other colourful arts & craft sets for collaborative play. Anything from sand and stickers to modelling dough and scrapbooking – there is something for every member of the family!

3. Build LEGO Sets

You cannot go wrong with a set of LEGO bricks! It’s the perfect activity for siblings to accomplish together. Whether they choose to work on it as a joint project or to just build alongside each other, LEGO construction sets inspire teamwork, and creativity and develops hand-eye coordination skills.

Not only that, but LEGO bricks can also work as a therapeutic measure for siblings, helping them learn to interact better with each other through collaborative play. If your child is not the most sociable, even with their own sisters or brothers, it can be the bridge that connects them together, encouraging them to open up and grow.

Make sure that, if using this kind of mode of play, that your children switch roles between the ones with instructions, the ones with the bricks, the builder, and the one who’s keeping tabs. That way, they’ll all get a turn doing what they enjoy.

Look into LEGO DUPLO, with educational benefits and double the size of standard LEGO bricks, it’s perfect for younger children to build with. And for older siblings, they may fancy creating magic with our LEGO Disney Princess Sets or fans of Mario can jump straight into action with the great LEGO Super Mario Sets!

Why don’t you join in and make it an activity the whole family can enjoy! There are plenty of LEGO Adult Sets to capture your imagination and complete alongside your children. Or, check out our article on the best LEGO sets to build with boys and girls for some further inspiration.

boys play lego.

4. Simon Says

A game of Simon Says is a great way for siblings to play together! One person is Simon, and the others are the players. They must listen to “Simon’s” commands but only do them if they start with “Simon says”.

Kids can get creative and come up with a whole bunch of funny commands!

  • Simon Says stand on one foot.
  • Simon Says wiggle your nose.
  • Simon Says pretend to play the drums.
  • Simon Says move like your favourite animal.

Games like this aren’t just fun – they’re great for helping children learn and develop their mathematics skills, and can also help with self-conceptualisation and self-esteem, according to a study by the University of Jaén in Spain.

5. Board games

Gather around the kitchen table for a bit of friendly competition. Brothers and sisters can go head-to-head in a whole array of exciting board games!

Board games are great for siblings to play together and learn important skills. They help with thinking, problem-solving, and how to work as a team. Games like Scrabble, and Clue are good for older children, while younger ones might enjoy Snakes and Ladders or Guess Who? Cooperative games like Pandemic or Forbidden Island teach teamwork. Playing board games is fun and helps siblings grow smarter and get along better.

With so many board games on offer, there’s a game to suit all ages and group sizes to ensure a fun-filled afternoon. For a classic game, check out Monopoly Board Games! With versions available for older kids and younger kids, and fun twists on the traditional setup, siblings won’t be short of entertainment at home.

6. Build a fort

”Can we build a fort?”

These 5 short words may summon a fear of sofa cushions vanishing, blankets draped everywhere and no normal bedtime routine, but there’s no reason to worry. In fact, building forts indoors is a fun way for siblings to be creative and work together. It helps them learn to share ideas, solve problems, and use their imagination, all whilst having a cosy place to hang out.

And it does not have to be messy! They can use blankets or sheets to create a canopy and then fill the inside with their pillows and duvets to create a homely feel. If you’re feeling fancy, hang up some fairy lights for an extra special feeling.

Family reading together.

7. Jigsaws

Siblings can choose a jigsaw puzzle and settle in for hours of problem-solving fun together. With a huge collection to pick from, there’s a brand to interest every child!

Grab some snacks, their favourite drink, and a jigsaw to start creating a masterpiece at home.

Paw Patrol? Disney Princess? Marvel fan? Kids can immerse themselves into their favourite characters’ worlds and start on their puzzling adventure.

Older children can take on a bigger challenge and try one of the 500 + piece or 1000-piece puzzles on offer. And no need for younger siblings to feel left out, as they can pick up a chunky jigsaw that can support their early development.

8. Make friendship bracelets

Crafting together, like making friendship bracelets, is a fun way for siblings to bond and learn new skills. It helps them be more creative, improves their hand-eye coordination, and teaches them to be patient. They can try different bracelet designs, use beads, or even make cards and keychains together. These activities encourage teamwork and communication while they create something special.

By crafting together, siblings can talk, share stories, and understand each other better. It’s a chance to work as a team and show empathy towards each other. Whether they’re making bracelets or other crafts, it’s a great way to have fun and strengthen their relationship. Plus, with kits readily available, it’s an easy fix for a day at home!

Check out our toy jewellery sets which have everything your children would need to make colourful and meaningful bracelets to gift their siblings.

9. Top Trumps

Top Trumps offer the perfect at-home entertainment for siblings to play with.

Perhaps they have a shared interest? There will be a Top Trumps set for it! Are they a film buff, football fanatic or creepy crawly expert? Choose from the broad selection to start an afternoon of competitive fun.

Siblings can take it in turn to compare cards and ask questions to see who will come out on top. There can only be one winner!

brothers hanging out on the sofa

10. The Floor is Lava

We all remember this one. “The Floor Is Lava!” Mixing a bit of chaos with ingenuity, this game is a classic for a reason. Make it safer for the home by creating a good space for it – remove any easily knocked over furnishings, and ensure you have robust sofas and the like.

House rules can vary for these kinds of games. Some of the classics include:

  • Pillows as pathways – throw down cushions and pillows, or give each sibling two each to make their way across the floor from safe spot to safe spot
  • Rugs don’t count – Ban rugs as safe spots for travel
  • No big jumps – Good for safety and to stop things breaking, ban big leaps across the room.

This game is a brilliant way to infuse humour and healthy competition into the day, as well as a little bit of fitness work. Just make sure it doesn’t become too high-energy!

With all these ideas, and so many more out there, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep siblings entertained indoors on a rainy day. Whether you’re strategizing or using your imagination, there’s so much to enjoy together. So, gather your siblings, be creative, and start playing! Laugh together, face challenges, and make your bond stronger with every game. Remember, the best part of indoor games is the time spent together and the memories you make.

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