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The sun is shining, and summer is only around the corner. Now is the time for your little one to enjoy some playtime outside, whether it is in your garden, at the park, at the beach or in the woods.

The benefits of outside play for children (and adults!) are endless and they will love releasing their energy whilst making the most of the fresh air.

We will guide you through the best garden games and best outdoor toys, on a budget, to get hours of fun in the family.

When it comes to finding the best outdoor toys, you don’t need to break the bank!

Water games, to keep cool!

If the sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing, what would be more enjoyable than some water play?

Water blasters:

Great fun on a budget, water basters could be the answer to hot weather and boredom. These can be used to play with parents, siblings or friends and will provide great entertainment for the whole family.
Check our range of water blasters.

Water balloons:

Another classic for water play is the water balloons. Your best asset for a good water fight, these are cheap and easy to use. Check out our Bunch o Balloons!

You can even mix the water blasters and the water balloons by getting your children to shoot the balloons with the water blasters! Make paper targets to aim at with the blasters or balloons.

Plenty of ideas to keep your little ones busy when the weather is at its best.

child blowing bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles!

Here is another fantastic one that is always very popular with children, young and older: BUBBLES!

They come in so many different forms and shapes, there is plenty of choice to keep everyone busy outside. Whether it is bubble basters for bubble fights, bubble machines just to have bubbles flying everywhere or bubble wands to get your little one to make their bubbles, you have so much to choose from! Click on the following link for bubble games ideas: Bubbles.

Bubbles have always been a source of amazement for children. They love to watch them fly around with wonder in their eyes.

Bubbles can be used for parties or just to have a relaxing fun-filled moment. And all this, once again, on a budget! You do not need to break the bank to keep your little ones entertained.

Water and sand table

Endless Fun with Sand and Water Tables!

Introducing our Sand and Water tables; the ultimate playtime adventures for curious young minds! Dive into a world of sensory exploration as your little ones build castles, create waterways, and explore coloured play sand by squeezing, squishing and pouring. Perfect for indoor playtime and outdoors!

Ideal for developing creative skills, playing with the sand and water table is great fun for little ones and using specific tools helps little fingers get nimble for dressing, drawing, and writing later on. We advise parents and guardians to never leave children unattended when playing in or around water.

Crafted for endless fun and easy cleanup!

Little boy riding bike.


Pedal into boundless adventures with our children’s bikes! From balance bikes and trikes to Huffy bikes. These vibrant rides are not just wheels – they are gateways to outdoor exploration!

Watch your little ones embark on thrilling adventures, fostering their love for the great outdoors. Encourage your little cyclists bike adventures and watch on as they take in fresh air, exercise, and none stop giggles.

The best part? Eventually the whole family can enjoy going on bike rides together! Get busy with bike trails or competitive races in a safe environment! This can be an activity for everyone, no matter their age.

Slide Into Fun

The ultimate thrill seekers’ delight – our kids’ slides! Watch your little explorer conquer gravity with infinite squeals as they zoom down the slides. Designed with safety in mind, these slides provide unlimited fun and transform any garden into a haven of excitement!

Encourage active play as you spark their imagination and adrenaline. It’s time to elevate playtime and experience non-stop laughter with our Childrens’ slides. How about trying our 16ft water slide with sprinklers! This slide will make any little adventurer fall in love with nature and the outdoors.

child using chalk on ground

Draw big and bright!

Children love to draw bright and colourful things.

Get them some chalk so they can express themselves freely outside.

They can draw on the floor, on a wall, on the shed or anywhere! You can also use chalk to play games together such as hopscotch. This will most probably remind you of your childhood and therefore, reinforce the bond with your children.

Shop Out and About 20 Jumbo Coloured Chalks!

child holding different balls for games.

Games and more games!

There are so many games and activities you can do with children outdoors, it is quite hard to compile them all in one article. However, let us give you some ideas, still on a budget, of games and activities to do outdoors with the family.

Football: the absolute classic for the outdoors, football toys will allow you and your children to exercise whilst having fun.

Racket games: tennis, badminton, swingball or paddle. There are quite a few options when it comes to racket games. These will keep your children active and also provide great fun.

We have garden toys such as baseball, bowling, frisbee, archery, ring toss and much more!

In conclusion, there are many ways to keep your children and family entertained when the sun is out. Get involved in these and create wonderful family bonding time and memories. It also allows your little one to release energy and get active, which is necessary for a healthy body and mind.

Make the most of the sunny weather and get the family active whilst having a lot of fun.

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