Accessories for Your Child’s First Bike

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Here we are! Your little one is finally ready to ride their bike.

If you are wondering how you can ensure they are riding safely (and in style…), then this article is for you!

Safety first: Protective Gear & Reflective Lights

Whether you’re teaching your little one how to ride, or cycling around the neighbourhood alongside them, be sure your child has a helmet for maximum protection.

We also recommend knee-pads and elbow-pads, just in case a little extra protection is needed.

In case of an unfortunate tumble, these accessories will save your little one from lots of tears and potential injuries. You can find some examples of protective gear by having a look at our Protective Gear range.

Reflective lights are also extremely important as they will allow your child to be more visible whilst riding, specially during winter when the weather can be quite dark or at night.

We recommend, if cycling in the dark, to ensure your bike has a front light, and you and your child are wearing reflective jackets to ensure cars can see you clearly.

Keep those little wheels turning

If your child is feeling a little hesitant about their first ride, try equipping the bike with stabiliser wheels. They will provide a sense of reassurance as the bike will feel more stable and will help your child learn how to balance and eventually cycle.

Once your child is feeling confident and ready for the next challenge, go ahead and remove the stabilisers for your child to learn to ride their bike on two wheels only.

They will be ready for riding adventures with friends and family in no time!

Where do I put my snacks and my toys?

While out and about on their bike, it is very likely that your little one will be hungry at some point. But where can they put their snacks? Or even their belongings or toys they might wish to take with them during the ride?

There are a variety of baskets that can be fitted on children’s bikes for easily accessible storage.

You may want to pack a backpack so your little one can take any items they want with them, whether that is snacks, a jumper, or a toy to keep them feeling confident on their ride.

We’ve got the snacks but what about drinks?

It is also important for your child to have access to a drink while they are riding as, like during any other sport, activity or exercise, they must keep hydrated. You can make sure your little one can drink plenty while out and about by getting a drinking bottle. Why not check out our Glitter PWR Colour Your Own Water Bottle!

The bottle can then be stored in the backpack or in the basket to be accessible at any time during the bike ride or during breaks.

Keep it fashionable!

Finally, your little one might want to make their bike a little more personalised, whether with drawings or stickers. They can also customise their bike with some handlebar tassels or add to their helmet to make it more suited to their creative style. You can find a large selection of stickers for your little one to enjoy putting on their bike, for some ideas, have a look at our range of  Stickers.

The Different Types of Bikes

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes are low to the ground, making it easy for kids to reach and develop their balance and coordination skills. Some come without pedals to help a child push their feet against the ground and focus on steering before introducing pedalling. Once this is mastered, children can move onto bikes with stabilisers and pedals to gain their independence whilst steering and learning to pedal.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes are mainly for children aged 3 to 8 years old. These bikes are lightweight and come in a variety of heights and wheel sizes. These bikes are suitable for trails, park rides, uphill treks, and adventures for your mini rider.


Trikes have a steady three-wheel design perfect for little kids to start pedalling with confidence. These are lightweight and need no instruction, just unpack and go! Suitable from around 10 months to 5 years old.


Getting your child their first bike and accessories to match will have them jumping with joy! Be sure to follow our safety recommendations to ensure a smooth first ride.

A good first bike is the key for your little-one to learn how to ride with confidence. But once they have gained that confidence, you will be able to enjoy bike rides and adventures as a family and create unforgettable memories for you and your child(ren) to reminisce on.

Happy cycling!

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