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Original Squishmallows - Love At First Squish Original Squishmallows - Love At First Squish

  • Soft, cute and ultra-squeezable! Our range of Squishmallows plushies are perfect to snuggle up to. Made from cosy, high-quality materials and in various characters, colours and styles, our Squishmallows make the perfect gift for you or your plushie-obsessed loved one. There are plenty of Squishmallows to choose from, with various sizes and extended ranges to create your own Squishmallows collection or have a soft toy to cuddle up to on your adventures.


Get ready to fall in love with the cutest and cuddliest creatures around - the Squishmallows! These adorable plush toys are so soft and squishy, you won't be able to resist giving them a squeeze. There are over a thousand Squishmallows characters to collect, and here you can find all the favourites.

Squish, Cuddle, Repeat with Squishmallows

With so many animals, characters, colours, and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect cuddle buddy here. Let us tell you more about each collection...

Discover Squishmallows by Size

These lovable plush toys come in a few different sizes to collect:

Squish Your Way to Cuteness Overload with These Popular Squishmallows

Each plush buddy is so snuggly, you'll never want to let them go:

  • Nicole the Caticorn
  • Nassim the Cow
  • Lizma the Macaroon
  • Chasman the Axolotl
  • Laslow the Beluga Whale
  • Onica the Mint Turtle
  • Bijan the Yellow Dumbo Octopus
  • Nessie the Sea Dinosaur
  • Arnul the Popcorn
  • Amelie the Strawberry Milkshake

Disney Squishmallows

These precious plushies bring all your dearest Disney characters to life in the most huggable way. From Mickey and Minnie to Tigger and Piglet to Sulley and Mike Wazowski and beyond, each Squishmallow captures the whimsy and magic of Disney in every stitch. Whether you're a Disney fanatic or just love cosy and sweet things, a Disney Squishmallow is sure to become your new best friend.

More of Your Favourite Characters...

There are even more exciting Squishmallows characters to explore and collect. From Star Wars Chewbacca and R2D2 to Marvel Spidey and Hello Kitty – you can find them all here. With so many to choose from, the fun never ends.

Gift Your Friends and Family Joy with Squishmallows

Looking for a charming gift for a loved one? Why not treat them to a Squishmallow? These adorable soft toys make a great present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a little extra cuddliness. From unicorns and pandas to flamingos and dinosaurs, you're sure to find something they love.

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