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In a world of toy collections, Squishmallows has quickly become a favourite! The charm of these squish friends is undeniable, and nothing is as exciting as the quest for rare and exclusive Squishmallows.

Join us in this article to find out what makes these toys rare as we delve into each one’s captivating story and uniqueness. And who knows, you might find the missing piece to your Squishmallow collections!

What Makes a Rare Squishmallow?

To fully understand what makes a Squishmallow rare, we turn to the Rarity Scale. A spectrum that ranges from common Squishmallows to super rare Squishmallows.

There are some Squishmallows that earn their rarity badge status through limited edition ranges like the Valentine Squad, Baby Squad and Founders editions, while some are exclusively available in certain countries.

In exceptional cases, only a handful are produced, leading these Squishmallows to a resale value that skyrockets to over £1,000!

Rarity Tiers

  • Rare: Meaning around 75,000 of these Squishmallows exist in the whole world!
  • Ultra Rare: Only 50,000 of these Squishmallows exist in specific retailers.
  • Special Edition: A maximum of 20,000 of these Squishmallows exist.
  • Select Series: Only 5,000 of these are released each month.
  • Check-In Series: These Squishmallows only exist in specific stores.
  • Founders Edition: A rare Redemption Card is hidden is a select few packs of Trading Cards, use the code to redeem a Founder’s Edition Squishmallow!
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What Are the Rarest Squishmallows?

Introducing the rarest Squishmallows! Find out all about these squishy toys, each story, character, and other cuddly toys that are similar.

Blossom the Lamb

Blossom the Lamb, created in 2018, is a white sheep with a tan face and tanned hooves. She’s a loving and caring Squishmallow who is holding a rainbow and has a heart-shaped nose. What’s that smell? Yes, she has a vanilla scent! Blossom is exclusive to EUC Justice.

Fania the Owl

Once one of the most expensive Squishmallows ever sold, Fania the Owl is now widely available and is very much cherished by collectors. Fania loves reading fairy tales about royalty and imagines herself as the princess who saves the day! She is a dark purple owl, with prominent ear tufts. She also has a white belly with light purple feathers and wears a shiny, hot pink crown.

Gertrude the Goose

Exclusive to Canada, Gertrude the Goose’s unique origins make her a rare and sought-after find. An aquatic bird, with black, white, and grey colouring, she has big eyes and fluffy grey wings. Gertrude is known to be a little bossy, but it’s only because she loves helping people. She loves collaboration and teamwork. Want to know a secret about Gertrude the Goose? She sometimes laughs and water comes out her nose!

Avery the Mallard Duck

Avery the Mallard Duck is a green and brown Squishmallow duck with fluffy brown wings and a tan-coloured belly. Don’t let his size fool you! Avery is a respected left wingman for the Squishmallow rugby team and one day dreams of being a coach! His family always watches him play and celebrate with popsicles after the game. Part of the selected series, this Squishmallow is a popular collectible, meet Avery’s doppelganger Avery the Mallard Duck with Sweatband and Rugby Ball.

Mariah the Lamb

Mariah the Lamb is a rainbow Squishmallow with a heart shaped nose from the Baby Squad. This adorable lamb loves horseback riding and loves visiting the stables with her pony named Bernard! Sold exclusively in 2020 and not re-released since, Mariah’s scarcity adds to her allure.

Chanel the Cinnamon Roll

Say hi to Chanel, she’s sweeter than your normal pastry, she loves to cook and give back to family and friends. In her free time, she teaches baking and decorating cakes! She is a light brown pastry with white icing. A standout from the 2020 Valentine Squad!

Santino the Platypus

Santino the Platypus is a brown Squishmallow who makes the best blueberry pancakes, taught by his dad. In his free time, you can find him playing football, he dreams of being a professional goalie someday. Santino loves surprises, you can find him jumping out at his friends to give them a big hug! Part of the down-under range, Santino is a much loved Squishmallow.

Archie the Axolotl

Archie the Axolotl is a pink Squishmallow released in 2019, he is a shy ‘Mallow with a special talent – he knows Sign language! In his spare time, he is either playing football or at his club playing with Squishmallows and teaching them Sign. Some versions of this ‘Mallow fetch high prices, while others are more accessible such as Archie the Pink Axolotl. Some rare versions include Archie the Hot Pink Axolotl, an exclusive summer release Squishmallow, or Archie the Light Pink Squishmallow, a super rare edition which can cost a fortune and is not easy to find, he’s a collector’s wish!

Jack the Black Cat

Jack is the 500th Squishmallow character and part of the selected series. Only 500 Squishmallows were produced for this limited-edition range, some have sold this adorable ‘Mallow for over £1,500! Jack is an all-black cat, and his right ear is adorned with an exclusive 500 tag which is gold and shaped in a heart. He is known for being the strong silent type and is always there for whoever needs him. A little feisty, he always speaks up for himself and his friends, and may enjoy a cuddle or two.

Golden Hans the Hedgehog

In honour of the 100 millionth Squishmallow milestone, Hans was created as a celebration, making him the rarest Squishmallow to find! This Select Series edition Hans is offered in two styles. You have the classic Hans, a brown hedgehog with a gold trim on his ears, top hat, and bowtie; only 10,000 of these were made. We also have Golden Hans, an entirely gold hedgehog where only 3,000 will be made! Hans has a heart of gold who enjoys watching movies and cooking, and he can’t wait to share that with you!

Squishmallows at The Entertainer

While these Squishmallows are the most coveted, there are many other rare gems waiting to be discovered. Find your next exclusive, sought-after Squishmallow companion. Browse through the Most Popular Squishmallows and soft toys to add a tough of adorableness to your collection.

Let the adventure of Squishmallow collecting begin! Happy collecting!

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