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Nerf Ultra

Take your garden battles to the next level with Nerf Ultra. Designed for extreme accuracy, speed, and distance, this ground-breaking range puts bigger and better adventures in your hands. Shooting up to 120 feet, the Ultra motorised blaster goes the furthest of all Nerf models, so take aim and let the games begin!

Motorised for Nerf Ultra Fun

The Nerf Ultra collection is high-power, motorised fun for thrill seekers and epic combat play operations of all ages. Choose from the Nerf Ultra 2 for the classic, compact blaster – perfect for smaller shootouts. For those with more legendary campaign plans, Ultra blasters go bigger and bolder. Try the Nerf Ultra Select has two clips: 10 spaces for the Ultra Distance darts and 10 spaces for the Ultra Accuracy darts. Or with a high-capacity drum that holds up to 24 darts, the Nerf AccuStrike Ultra means you can spend less time reloading and more time taking down your rivals!

Fly Further with Nerf Ultra

Get the Nerf Ultra darts, specially designed for the highest performance when it comes to accuracy, speed, and distance. Able to go up to 36 metres (120 feet), you can take your blaster battles to new heights. Grab your mates and get outside to strategise epic battles, defend higher ground, and navigate obstacles with ease with Nerf's aerofin flight tip technology. Lightweight and super precise, we challenge you to hit your target every time.

Explore the Nerf Blasters Collection

From the iconic model to the latest dart technology, Nerf Blasters are an epic toy for children (and adults) who want to get out and play with their friends! Take a look at our full dart blaster range to find even more shooters, targets, dart refills, and everything you need to turn your garden or local park into an awesome battlefield. Or explore the whole outdoor toys collection and upgrade your summer fun with trampolines, paddling pools, skateboards, and more with free delivery over £29.99.