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Nerf Laser Ops

There’s no better brand for battle-based fun than NERF, so grab a blaster and prepare for action!

The incredible NERF Laser Ops range takes the foam-based blaster technology that NERF are famous for and transforms it into a laser tag phenomenon, so you can fight live-action laser battles wherever and whenever you choose.

Packed with lights and sound effects, the NERF Laser Ops blasters have indicators for health and ammo. Because there’s no foam darts to reload, you simply need to hit the quick reload button to top up your laser ammo and fight forever!

Download the Laser Ops App to earn power ups, check your stats and view the Laser Ops leader board. The app also allows you to play in teams, face-off head to head, or even practise your aim and quick-fire responses in the solo play mode.

Pick up a NERF Laser Ops blaster and discover a whole new mode of fun. Let the quest begin!