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Hot Wheels City Cars and Playsets

Buckle up and prepare for non-stop excitement as you race around Hot Wheels City tracks and playsets like the towering ultimate garage. Unleash your favourite Hot Wheels cars and let the racing mayhem begin. Soar through gravity-defying loops, conquer treacherous jumps, and brave perilous curves. With Hot Wheels City playsets, you're the master of your racing destiny!

Thrill-Seeking Hot Wheels City Racetracks

Discover endless hours of high-speed fun with the Hot Wheels City racetracks and playsets that come with tonnes of customisable features to expand your Hot Wheels adventure. Hot Wheels City tracks like the Transforming Race Tower can be used as a single or dual track for competitive friends to enjoy, as well as join up with other Hot Wheels tracks. As you collect more Hot Wheels playsets, create an unstoppable universe where adventure is around every corner.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Designed with precision innovation, the Hot Wheels ultimate garage is the tallest playset yet! Not only does this track take toy racing to new heights, but it also has space for 100 Hot Wheels cars, so you can store your collection neatly. Connect this bustling metropolis with other Hot Wheels tracks to create an awesome pitstop – but remember to watch out for the Robo T-Rex, or you might get chomped!

Ignite Your Imagination with Hot Wheels City Playsets

Discover even more transport toys and toy racetracks full of adrenaline-pumping twists and loops to race on. Experience jaw-dropping moments as you launch your cars into high-flying action. Set your sights on new heights as you challenge the limits of speed and performance. Will you master the Hot Wheels twists and turns or wipeout in a blaze of glory? It's all up to you!

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