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The Entertainer is a toy store that cherishes family time and values the well-being of its wonderful teams. That’s why all stores around the UK remain closed on Sundays, allowing staff to reclaim Sundays for their families. Whether for playing, learning, or for quality time.

Gary Grant, Founder and Chairman of The Entertainer, said:

“Nothing is more important in our business than our people, and as a Christian I believe in families. For this reason, The Entertainer is closed on Sundays so our staff can spend quality time with their family and friends.”


Child and parent at The Entertainer Store.

To make Sundays even more special, The Entertainer has started the Sunday Funday campaign online. Every Sunday, there will be a new activity, competition, or game to take part in with the family, whether employees or general customers. This way, everyone can be inspired to prioritise family time and enjoy making fun memories to last a lifetime!

This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, which means, The Entertainer stores will be closed. We advise planning ahead and getting your Christmas gifts early to avoid any disappointment.

Despite the impact this will have on The Entertainer’s annual turnover, Gary Grant insists on remaining closed, stating:

“This year, The Entertainer will be closed on Christmas Eve as it falls on a Sunday. Our store teams will be working incredibly hard during our peak trading period and giving our staff the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones over Christmas is really important. There is a fine line between running a viable business that gets caught up in the commerciality of the season, but on the other hand not losing the real meaning of Christmas.”

The Entertainer prioritises family time and mental health, and acknowledge taking a break from work can help employees achieve a better work-life balance. Research has shown that having a good work-life balance can lead to increased job satisfaction, better physical and mental health, and improved productivity.

Gary continues,

“For many of our 1,700 staff, they say having a day off with the family on a Sunday is really important to them, regardless of what they believe…A good number of the staff, from now until Christmas, may well be working six days a week, and long days…They have given their all, and they need a break.”

Entertainer staff.

So, next time you visit The Entertainer, remember that we’re not just a toy store, we’re a store that cares about everyone’s well-being and joy.

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