Kick-start Your Match Attax EURO 24 Collection With Swap Shops and Top Tips!

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Match Attax Trading Cards and Stickers are back with a brand-new deck in honour of the 2024 EURO football tournament, hosted this year in Germany. The EURO’s kick off on Friday 14th June with Germany Vs Scotland and Match Attax EURO collection features all the national teams and players taking on the tournament this year as well as lots of exciting Special and Limited Edition cards to chase. There’s even a brand new EURO 24 sticker collection and album to fill!

Trading Card Collecting & Playing

Trading Cards have been around since the early 1900’s with the earliest known variant being The Base Ball Card game, a trading card game featuring baseball players of the time as well as special ‘ball counter’ cards. Although this was never brought to market, protypes have sold at auction for huge sums and even the individual cards are a sought-after collector’s item.

Serious collectors will be hoping to find the ultra-rare cards featured in Match Attax decks. From the  Chrome Career Celebration card featuring Cristiano Ronaldo to the even rarer authenticated autographed cards featuring the actual signatures of players from many of the teams that qualified for the tournament. Here’s a breakdown of the types of cards you’ll find in our Match Attax packs:

Standard Deck – 316 to collect

18 for each qualifying team.

Rainbow Foil Cards // Green Emerald Parallels  – 63 to collect  

Captain, Hero, Golden Goal Scorer and Centurion cards with dazzling foil designs

Holographic Foil Cards // Purple Sapphire Parallels – 32 to collect

21 Graduated Gems (talented new European players) and 11 Superstars

Legend Signature Style – 18 to collect

Shiny foil cards featuring world-class legend signatures

Classic Celebration LE Cards – 12 To Collect (Mega Tins only)

Hots shots, next generation stars and international icons

Black Edge Cards – 9 To Collect

Sleek black designs with career stats on the featured player

Chrome Shield Cards  // Chrome Parallels – 9 To Collect

Ultra rare shield-shaped cards with shiny silver foil

Energy Cards // Energy Parallels – 9 to collect

Special high-end holographic foil design featuring extra high energy players

Ultimate Stage LE Cards – 9 To Collect (Booster Tins Only)

Raw talent, shining stars and super strikers

We won’t spoil all the surprises, but there are even more categories of cards, including ultra-rare Genuine Autograph cards, Relics, Autograph Combos, 100 Club and more to collect. You’ll find a complete checklist in our Mega Starter Park, along with a game guide and playing ‘pitch’ for the official Match Attax game.

Why Collect Match Attax or Other Trading Cards?

Collecting Match Attax cards and stickers is a fun activity and a great chance to spend quality time together. As well as learning in-depth facts and figures around international football and it’s players, there are lots of other benefits to starting any collection. Being part of a larger community of collectors, especially during a football tournament, can be exciting, make children feel part of the action and help them to develop a passion for football as well as  friendships that can last a lifetime.

Developing Social Skills: Trading stickers with friends can help children develop social skills – read more about our dedicated swap shops below. It encourages them to communicate, negotiate, and build friendships based on shared interests.

Patience and Persistence: Completing a collection requires patience and persistence, teaching children the value of working towards a long-term goal.

Promote Screen-Free Time: Collecting physical cards or stickers offers a break from screens and digital devices.

Memorabilia: A completed (or incomplete!) binder becomes a keepsake that children can look back on in the future, reminiscing about the tournament and their collection journey – some collections of trading cards can even be worth money in the future!

Starting Your Match Attax EURO 24 Collection

Whether it’s you or your offspring who are football mad and looking forward to the EURO’s this summer, it’s really easy to kickstart your football trading card collection. Start with one of our starter parks or pick up a couple of packs of 8 cards at our stores. There is a binder to store and organise cards and an album to collect the accompanying stickers, but you can also use the Booster Tins or your own ring binder with clear pockets to organise your growing collection.

Growing Your Match Attax EURO 24 Collection

Growing your Trading Card and Sticker collection with our Booster Packs, Mega Tins, Eco Packs and Multipacks is lot’s of fun, but there will always be a few cards that are harder to pin down than others.

Graphic displaying details of The Entertainers Match Attax EURO 24 Swap Shops

We’re very excited to share with readers that our stores are running our super-popular Swap Shops for the duration of the EURO 24 tournament. Bring your cards along to your local The Entertainer store (find your closest shop using our Store Finder) Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3.30 and 4.30 until the 30th July and collectors of any age can take part in the ultimate EURO 24 Swap Shop! Our stores will have stacks of stickers and cards to swap and trade, like-for-like. You’ll also meet other collectors and can choose to arrange your own swaps with them –  it’s the ideal way to build and complete a collection as well as meet new friends to play and trade with – we really look forward to seeing you there, and would love to see your pics, either of the events or the great cards you swapped there!

Playing The Match Attax Game

Collecting the cards and stickers, unwrapping the blind bags, checking off your players and trading with friends is just part of the fun. Match Attax cards can be played with in lots of ways, from a simple version of ‘Top Trumps’ to the official 2-player Match Attax game. Build your perfect team and play against friend’s teams, scoring goals and defending either using a tabletop or the official Playing Pitch that come in the starter Sets. You can find the full instructions for playing the official version of the game on the Topps website.

We hope we’ve inspired you to start a Trading Card or Sticker collection with The Entertainer to celebrate the EURO 24 Tournament! Find all our Match Attax packs, kits and boosters here, and don’t forget to share your growing collection with us on social media! Find us on Instagram and Facebook

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