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For children that love to build and create, help them construct their own adventures with fantastic building toys!

There are many brands that offer imaginative play and problem-solving through their construction toys. Brands like LEGO, K’nex and Mega Bloks offer the ultimate construction experience for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

Building toys help to develop key skills like analytical and creative thinking, fine motor skills and language skills as they grow! STEM kits also allow older children to build on their critical thinking skills too.

Read on to explore our gift guide for kids who love to build!

Kid building blocks.

Why Building Toys Are Great For Kids

Studies like The Development of Object Construction (Marcinowski EC, Nelson E, Campbell JM, Michel GF, 2019) explore how young children develop when they “explore and combine objects in increasingly complex ways”, primarily through using construction toys. Their findings reveal that the infants and toddlers’ skills increased as they grew to reflect their advancing object construction and motor skills, but they still suggested that there wasn’t a “one size fits all pattern”.

Other studies, like Brain Training For Kids: Adding a Human Touch (Hassinger-Das B, Hirsh-Pasek K, 2019) found that playing with construction toys at a young age had a positive effect on a child’s proficiency in math skills and spatial skills when they began schooling.

They also suggest that building toys “invite children to rotate pieces, align edges, and notice shapes” thus inspiring active and meaningful play, as well as building narrative skills.

Girl building blocks.

Types of Building Toys That Make Great Gifts

With so much variety nowadays, choosing the right building toy is easy! You may want to fit a certain theme or match the child’s interest or age. Read on to discover how these requirements can be met and exceeded in a few simple steps.

Building Games For Younger Kids

For ages 1-3 years, you’ll want to focus on building toys that are easy-to-build, engaging and support toddler’s motor skills.

As they move into the 3-5 years age range, your child will find it beneficial to seek out toys that encourage self-expression, group play and emotional awareness – prepping them for school!

Some key building brands for this age bracket are LEGO Duplo, Playmobil and Mega Bloks.


Duplo specialises in awesome building sets for children 18 months and over. At double the size of standard LEGO bricks, they’re easy to handle and support skills from hand-eye coordination to shape sorting. With lots of vibrant kits on offer, your child could be building The Wild Animals of the Ocean one day, and My First Number Train the next!

Dad and daughter play with lego.

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks also offer toys perfectly sized for little builder’s hands. Make playtime exciting and educational by stacking up high the bright big blocks from the Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag (available in Pink or Blue) and see who can build the tallest tower.

Or for on-the-go construction, look no further than the Mega Bloks Build and Learn Table which folds up neatly into a carry case.


For imaginative play, Playmobil’s many play themes provide endless hours of storytelling. With iconic figures, children can mix and match sets to create their own world of adventures. The Playmobil Everyday Heroes set includes a policeman, a firefighter and an ambulance worker figures to inspire roleplaying fun and help to develop social skills.

Kids playing with playmobil toys.

Building Toys for School Kids

As children grow older their tastes change, so it’s important to pick a building toy reflective of their interests. Luckily you don’t have to look far as there’s something for everyone!

For school-age children who love to build intricate designs, they might enjoy a Meccano set. The Junior Front Loader Tractor STEM Model Set offers a challenging and rewarding building experience for children from 5 years old. With 114 pieces, budding builders can construct a fully functional tractor with a front scoop that lifts, rolling wheels and a hitch to attach the wagon!

Or for children who prefer a more creative venture, the Galts Super Octons Construction Game lets their imaginations run wild! With 48 colourful interlocking pieces, the designs and objects to create are endless. Why not try to make an animal or the coolest shaped building?

Girl building.

Building Toys For Teens

As they approach their teen years, there are some great building games to support their school learning as well as kits that combine popular interests.

STEM Toys and Kits

STEM kits will allow them to have fun scientific exploration at home and show them that science goes beyond what’s taught in the classroom! The Clementoni Science Museum – Explorer & Space Station Kit encourages scientific learning through the two dynamic models available to build. If your child is interested in engineering, get ready to construct cars to buildings out of rods and connector pieces with the K’Nex range!


To make their interests come to life, check out themed kits of popular franchises! LEGO has a fantastic collection of building kits based on LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Super Mario, LEGO Minecraft, and LEGO Marvel. If your teen is a fan of anything from these ranges, they’d make a brilliant gift!


Building toys starts kids off on the right foot and helps to develop problem-solving, language, analytical and motor skills through play! With construction kits to suit boys and girls of all ages, there’s a gift for everyone. Find even more Construction Toys to match every interest!  

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