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Hot Wheels have been providing endless fun for little racers and speed enthusiasts since 1968. Over the years, their action-packed collection has quickly expanded from cool die-cast cars to helicopters and Monster Trucks, to speed-defying tracks!

With authentic details and flashy designs, Hot Wheels has become a household name for families all around the world and the perfect gift for toy car lovers.

In this article, we’ll cover the 5 best Hot Wheels tracks and playsets and how you can choose the perfect one for your child.

The Best Hot Wheels Tracks and Playset

1. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Behold the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage; this impressive playset is the tallest Hot Wheels garage ever! At over 3ft/90cm tall, there is endless opportunity for thrilling racing to be had and the cool features take stunts to the next level.

Ride up to the top in the dual car elevator, that perfectly fits the two included 1:26 Hot Wheels cars. Beware! Look out for the chomping T-Rex as you make your way down the enormous garage in a high-speed elimination race. Who will get chomped first?

With space to fit more than 100 Hot Wheels toy cars, you won’t be short on storage in this awesome garage and kids will love sorting their collection into all the parking spaces. Why not expand the action by connecting to other Hot Wheels track sets through the multiple connection points!

This playset is suitable for children 5 years and above but those between 5 and 8 may require some extra assistance when setting up! You will also need 4 D-size batteries to play, as these are not included within the playset.

2. Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Playset

Racing, stunting, and storytelling awaits in this four level Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Playset!

Your little racer can explore each level for epic racing adventures, including side-by-side racing, loop stunts and even battle against a car-eating dragon on the tracks. Use the included two Hot Wheels cars to start stunting straightaway. And with the playset offering enough parking for more than 50 1:64 scale toy cars, they can quickly move their whole Hot Wheels car collection in for a taste of the action!

Ride up in the two-car elevator past cool features like moveable hoses, a carwash with a foam roller, diverters, and connectors, until you reach the dragon at the top! This playset can also connect easily to other Hot Wheels sets, so your child can start expanding their Hot Wheels races.

This set is ideal for children 4 years and above and requires no batteries for play. Younger children may need some help assembling the garage at the beginning.

3. Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Corkscrew Twist Kit will delight thrill seekers and Hot Wheels fans!

The corkscrew track features a launcher, target, and peripheral track pieces to create the best setup to launch the included Hot Wheels car. There are two possible set-ups for kids to send their cars flying through the hoop towards the target.

There are special compartments across the track to conveniently store all the pieces, for easy play on-the-go. This set is suitable for children 6 years and above, and just like the above two playsets, this kit can connect to other Hot Wheels track sets for more unique racing adventures!

Hot Wheels Corkscrew track.

4. Hot Wheels City 2-in-1 Transforming Race Tower Playset

Turn up the speed with the Hot Wheels City 2-in-1 Transforming Race Tower Playset! This adrenaline-packed wonder is a must have for car enthusiasts and collectors.

Catering to racers of all ages, kids start the adventure by pressing the included thrilling launcher, firing their Hot Wheels car toys through corkscrew loops before attempting the incredible stunt of leaping towards the target. Kids can enjoy customising the track whether stacking the two loops side-by-side or on top of one another to create one humongous loop!

The track design can also be changed so that the launcher fires the Hot Wheels cars straight towards the target – it’s up to the kids to experiment and try to master the challenge! This can also be used to connect to a variety of different track sets.

5. Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Fuel Can Stunt Box

Get ready for stunt-filled mayhem with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Fuel Can Stunt Box! Dive into unique features like the playset arriving in a container shaped like a petrol can, packed full of track pieces and accessories.

This fun-shaped container also transforms into part of the playset to add more dynamic racing options for your little ones, and its dedicated storage space is perfect for keeping playtime organised!

This set is suitable for kids aged 6 and above and includes a Hot Wheel vehicle toy.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Hot Wheels Playset

Any Hot Wheels track will be a splendid addition to your collection or your child’s playtime. However, here are some key features to keep in mind when looking for your next Hot Wheels tracks and playsets.

Motorised or Human Powered

Both motorised and manually powered sets have their positives!

With motorised sets, Hot Wheels cars can automatically launch into the tracks which makes the sets feel more premium and, of course, fun for all kids as they watch their cars zoom by! However, with this, you will need to consider that batteries will be needed.

While for manual powered cars, as they are hands on, kids can enjoy the competitive nature of play time rather than basing their races on luck! Plus, you get to save on the costs of batteries.

Can Hot Wheels tracks be connected?

Typically, tracks can be easily connected, even if from a variety of alternate playsets. Most of the Hot Wheels tracks have the same type of connectors and are interchangeable.

However, there are the odd few which are limited to one set and cannot be connected.

Which Hot Wheels Cars Are Best For Track Playsets?

Hot Wheels 15 Vehicle Bundle Set

This Hot Wheels 15 vehicle bundle set features a variety of awesome Hot Wheels cars that are known for their style and performance! A great gift that offers children or collectors three different track-themed sets in one purchase!

Suitable for children aged 3 and above, this is an impressive set for creative storytelling and independent exploration through push-around play.

Hot Wheels 10 Car Giftpack

Set at a slightly lower price point, rev up your engine with the Hot Wheels 10 car giftpack!

With multiple Hot Wheels vehicles to enjoy, this can create an instant collection for collectors. Kids will also be thrilled with the dynamic vehicles featuring satisfying, authentic details and eye-catching designs. Within this set, you can discover traditional race cars to more modern designs like the fiery dragon!

Hot Wheels 5 Cars Pack (Styles Vary)

Dive into an instant Hot Wheels collection with the Hot Wheels 5 car pack!

Each set includes 5 mystery Hot Wheels vehicles, all with wonderful vibrant themes, exciting unique details, and eye-catching designs. There are a variety of mystery vehicles to collect, from X-Raycers and Nightburnerz, to HW Hot Trucks and Snow Stormers!

Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

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