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The original 2-in-1 shoes! Glide through life with Heelys' hidden wheels and transform any journey into an opportunity for fun. Learn to seamlessly transition from walking to rolling by shifting your weight backwards and forwards, the choice is yours. Plus, if your kids just love these stylish kicks for their looks, simply remove the wheel so they can take their Heelys everywhere you go. Our range includes a wide selection of junior sizes perfect for ages 6 and up, so go ahead and find the perfect pair below.

Styles for everyone

Heelys are designed to be as unique as your kids are. With tonnes of colours and patterns available, they're perfect for expressing personality and having some fun with fashion! Heelys for girls and boys come in classic colours like pink and blue, as well as special editions like the Toy Story Heelys.

One wheel or two?

The classic Heely has one wheel, which is perfect for a smooth transition to rolling. These are great for kids with better balance and can go faster, so are better suited for when they're a bit older.

For younger children or those who find it harder to get their balance, you can opt for a two-wheel model. You can’t pick up as much speed with two wheels but they are more stable, making them a fun introduction to the skating world. Plus, you can remove the front wheel once they're accustomed to the Heelys to take it to the next level!

How does sizing work?

Heelys function as regular trainers and come in the standard kids and adult sizes. Some people recommend going up by one size from the usual shoe size as they can be quite snug. If you want the Heelys to last for longer, you can buy bigger and use insoles. Just ensure a comfortable fit so that they're secure while in use.