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Pitter Patter Pets

Why have a real-life pet when you can have a Pitter Patter Pet? These awesome interactive pets will delight and entertain for hours on end with their cute designs and cool features.

Pitter Patter Pets are the perfect soft animals for children who want to see what it’s like to have a pet. There are various dog breeds to pick between, from dachshunds with waggy tails to fluffy huskies. Check out Pitter Patter Pets’ floppy-eared rabbits or go for something ultra-adorable like a giggling monkey, a sparkly unicorn or even a fearsome blue raptor!

In addition to featuring life-like faces and soft-touch fur, Pitter Patter Pets are able to walk, wiggle, wag, bark and sometimes even dance. Browse our full collection of these cool pets or check out other awesome soft animal toys from the likes of Snuggle Buddies or Ty.