Dinosaurs Win The Big Toy Vote!

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Last Modified 8 July 2024 First Added 8 July 2024

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Here is a personal message from Rex, the Dinosaur, who was representing all Dinosaur toys in our Big Toy Vote:  

“ROAR! Thank you, mini adventurers, for choosing Dinosaur toys as your favourite candidate in The Big Toy Vote, I’m thrilled to celebrate this dino-mite victory with you! 

With dinosaurs taking the lead, every day will be filled with roaring good times and dino-sized fun. Thanks to your bravery and support, we have stomped out the competition together!  

Remember to always be brave, be bold… and to ROAR with purpose! 


Rex, The Dinosaur.”  

Once the winner was announced, The Entertainer head office had a wonderful time welcoming Rex and congratulating the dinosaur toys. To watch the message, live from Rex, watch the video on social media.  

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