The 15 Best Barbie Toys To Gift in 2023

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On the hunt for the perfect Barbie toy to gift?

With exciting movie releases, new Barbie lines and the rise of “Barbiecore”, there’s no better time to explore the realm of Barbie!

We’ve curated a list of the top Barbie toys that are sure to delight and inspire any child, parent, collector, or enthusiast.

Let’s dive in…

Best Barbie Dolls

These dolls have been beloved toys for generations, capturing the imagination of both children and parents. From classic Barbie dolls to unique career-themed dolls, there’s a wide variety to choose from for any Barbie fan.

1. Barbie Cutie Reveal

This is a delightful surprise for Barbie fans. Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls come with a colourful, removable piece of clothing that reveals a cute animal-themed pattern once dipped in warm water. With a trendy animal outfit and adorable pet, this doll is perfect for children aged 3 and up who may be new to the Barbie brand.

2. Barbie Mermaids

Dive into a magical underwater world with Barbie Mermaids! These magnificent dolls feature colourful tails and long flowing hair, allowing kids to imagine and create an exciting underwater adventure. These dolls are known to “swim” underwater. We recommend these dolls for children aged 4 and up, especially those who love fantasy and mermaid tales.

Barbie mermaid dolls.

3. Barbie Ken Dolls

A must-have for any Barbie fanatic is Barbie’s companion, Ken. These dolls come in a variety of styles from formal to casual attire, each reflecting different hobbies and careers. The Ken Dolls inspire imaginative play and are great companions for storytelling. They are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

4. Barbie Fashionista with Wheelchair & Ramp Doll

Promoting inclusivity and diversity, this Barbie Fashionista set features a fashion-forward doll in a wheelchair, along with a ramp for accessibility. A wonderful gift for children aged 3 and up who appreciate representation and want to foster empathy and understanding.

Barbie estate house play set.

Best Barbie Dollhouses

Barbie houses and dollhouses provide endless opportunities for little one’s to create an entire world for their dolls. Awakening their imaginative play and storytelling skills by using miniature homes to inspire their playtime. Here are two exceptional dollhouses to consider:

5. Barbie Chelsea House Playset

This playset is perfect for younger Barbie enthusiasts. Offering plenty of play opportunities, this compact, colourful Chelsea House playset comes with multiple rooms, furniture, and accessories. Suitable for children aged 3 and above who enjoy smaller playsets.

6. Barbie Estate House Playset

For a more elaborate dollhouse experience, the Barbie Estate House Playset is a fantastic choice. This multi-storey dollhouse features several rooms including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom allowing for a wholesome, immersive experience for Barbie collectors and fans. With a modern design and stylish accessories, this is sure to impress any child aged 6 and up.

Barbie's corvette from the Barbie movie

Best Barbie Playsets

Playsets offer immense fun and develop children’s hand-eye coordination and social skills. These sets give kids the opportunity to create exiting scenes and immerse themselves into Barbie’s world. Here are some highly recommended playsets to captivate little one’s:

7. Barbie Dream Camper Vehicle Playset

This playset is the ultimate Barbie adventure on wheels! It features a stylish camper van that transform into a fully furnished camping playset. Giving every child the wonder of imagination, the Barbie Dream Camper Vehicle has multiple rooms including a pool, dining area and even bathroom. We recommend this for children aged 3 and up and for those who love outdoor adventures or camping. Check out Barbie’s cars and vehicles.

8. Barbie Extra Fashion Doll & Vanity Playset with Pet Puppy

For all the fashion-forward Barbie fans, this playset is a must-have. This set includes a glamourous Barbie doll and a vanity station filled with many accessories for styling and creative play. This Barbie Extra Fashion Doll and Vanity playset also features an adorable pet puppy companion, adding that extra element of companionship and fun! Recommended for children aged 5 and above who may enjoy fashion and exploring their creativity.

9. Barbie Pets Spa Day Playset

The Barbie pets also deserve a luxurious Spa Day with this Barbie Pets Spa Day playset. Featuring a grooming station, a bathtub, and a variety of accessories to pamper and style Barbie’s adorable pets! Children aged 3 and up who love animals will enjoy nurturing their little companions and creating their very own pet salon to care for their furry friends.

Best Barbie Outdoor Toys

These Barbie outdoor toys are fantastic for active play and adventure. They encourage kids to explore the outdoors while sparking their imagination and creativity. Here are our top picks:

10. Dolu Barbie Picnic Table and Benches

This is the ideal set for playtime and picnics. With a wonderful colourful design and sturdy base, this Dolu Barbie Picnic Table and Benches provides an amazing setting for Barbie and her friends to enjoy a pretend meal and tea. This is suitable for children aged 2 and up and promotes social interaction and storytelling.

11. Skates

Barbie skates are a popular choice for little girl’s who want to hit the pavement with style! These skate feature a Barbie-themed design and provide endless fun for kids wanting to develop balance and coordination. Have a look at our skates page to find the perfect pair for your little skater.

12. Bike

A great choice for outdoor fun and physical activity. Riding a Barbie-themed bike allows children to engage in active play while having fun with their favourite doll’s company. Check out the available options on the website to find the perfect Barbie bike for your child.

Best Barbie Arts & Crafts Toys

Barbie arts and crafts toys provide children with opportunities to discover their creativity and explore their self-expression. These toys inspire artistic skills and allow kids to personalise their Barbie’s world.

13. Barbie Fashionista 20cm Styling Head

This Barbie Fashionista Styling Head is a fantastic toy for budding hairstylists and makeup artists. Featuring several accessories, this toy allows children to experiment with different hairstyles, makeup looks and even nail designs. It’s the perfect gift for children aged 3 and up who enjoy playing with hair and beauty products.

14. Barbie Colour Reveal Foil Scrapbook Set

Spark creativity with this amazing Barbie Colour Reveal Scrapbook Set. This includes a scrapbook, colourful foil sheets, stickers, and various other craft supplies to create a dazzling design and decorate the Barbie-themed pages. This is an ideal gift for children aged 5 and up who love arts and crafts.

15. Barbie Hair Accessory Design Set

Unleash your child’s imagination and watch as they design their own unique Barbie Hair Accessory Design Set. With several beads, ribbons, and other embellishments, children can enjoy creating stylish accessories for their Barbie’s or themselves! Recommended for age 6 and up, especially for children who love fashion and enjoy DIY projects.

Playing with dolls, like Barbie, has several benefits to a child’s development. Doll play promotes imaginative and creative play, storytelling, social skills, self-expression and much more.

Barbie has also provided children with diverse and inclusive dolls, featuring a range of skin tones, body types, and careers. By playing with inclusive dolls, children learn about diversity and develop understanding and empathy by broadening their perspectives and nurturing acceptance.


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