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Gel Blasters

Suitable for children aged 14 years and up, our gel blasters are great for tactical gameplay and teamwork. With brands like Nerf and X-Shot, expect the best blasters in town and don’t forget to stock up on pellets to ensure the battles never stop.

What ages are gel blasters suitable for?

Our gel blasters are suitable for ages 14 years and up. That’s because they are quite powerful and can present a choking hazard to younger children. If you’re looking to buy for a child aged less than 14, check out our wider range of toy blasters and filter to the age required.

Do they hurt?

No, gel blasters don’t hurt, especially when used responsibly and following each blaster’s guidelines and safety instructions. They’re a softer, kid friendly alternative to paintball, allowing for the same level of tactical gameplay and teamwork without the impact.

Do gel blaster pellets dissolve?

Yes – gel blaster pellets are designed to dissolve and disintegrate after impact. How fast they dissolve depends upon the brand and type of pellet. They are non-toxic though and do completely disintegrate, ensuring no mess or remnants.

What other types of toy blasters are available?

As mentioned, gel blasters are designed for bigger kids. It’s also worth considering other types of toy blaster if you want to avoid restocking on pellets. Your options include:

Dart blasters

Dart blasters, such as those from Nerf and X Shot, fire foam darts, and occasionally discs and arrows too. Once fired, you simply use the other darts which come with your blaster or pick the ones you’ve fired back up and reload. In terms of age suitability, they’re typically best for 5 years and up. However there are options for 3 to 5 years. And, alternatively, some dart blasters are only suitable for 11 years and beyond.

Water blasters

Water blasters are designed for outdoor fun! They’re a really popular option within our range of outdoor toys. As you can imagine, you simply fill their tanks with water for battle to commence! And as they only fire water, they’re generally more suitable for younger children.