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A blast from the past and a current-day legend, the world of Tamagotchi continues to grow! Choose the egg you love the most and get your retro on with your new virtual pet. Feed and care for them, watch them grow, and take them with you to show to your friends! Whether it's as a stocking filler, a gift for the pet-obsessed, or a treat for yourself, get back into the world of Tamagotchi with our range, right here at The Entertainer.

Tamagotchi – A blast from the past

The world of Tamagotchi is a mainstay for the 90's kid, but it never stopped growing. With new designs and aesthetics, and some of the top shows and movies coming into the digital world, they've only grown over the years. With so many colours and variants, there's bound to be a pet for your pocket!

What is a Tamagotchi?

Put simply, a Tamagotchi is a virtual pet. You raise it, feed it, clean up after it and play games with them, all while carrying them with you. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Bandai created these fun digital critters and launched the range in the UK in 1997, and they quickly became a craze. Every kid had their own Tamagotchi, and with so many different pets to collect it's no wonder they took off.

Fun new Tamagotchi colours to collect

There's no doubt that playing and caring for your Tamagotchi pet is a huge part of the fun, but real fans know that collecting them all is just as important. Whether you want a Tamagotchi original or a new Tamagotchi, there's a lot to choose from.

Choose from a variety of eye-catching new Tamagotchi, from the colour pops of the Art Style shell to the true retro vibes of the Lightning virtual pet. Got a fan of comics? A Comic Strip edition is a perfect match, and with the easy chain they clasp onto bags and keychains alike.

Collectable Tamagotchi

There's more to the world of Tamagotchi than the classic pets. Want a dinosaur in your pocket? Love R2-D2? Then there's a virtual pet ready for your pocket!

For those that love Jurassic Park, grab yourself a dinosaur egg with a virtual dino inside. Train them well with a variety of games and raise the strongest monster on the block. You can also get your new Jurassic friend in amber if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Meanwhile, for the Star Wars fans in the room, check out our R2-D2 Tamagotchi editions. Featuring the fan-favourite droid, enjoy the accurate movie colours or opt for an all-blue version to stand out from the crowd. Your cute little electronic robot can come with you everywhere, so treat it well!

Love your Tamagotchi but want to collect more digital friends? Check out our other electronic pets and see which ones you want to take on your adventures.