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Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is back, and with her grandma’s magic locket and her best friends Lila and Shani, she’s ready for some adventures!

Experience the magic with awesome Polly Pocket playsets. Try a compact playset that you can attach to your bag and take with you everywhere. Each playset comes in a unique shape, suited to its theme, and is packed full of Polly Pocket accessories, characters and fun.

There are more Polly Pocket toys to explore! The larger Polly Pocket playsets have multiple layers, moving parts and cool vehicles for the Pocket pals to get around on. The coolest vehicle of all is the Polly Pocket Adventure Wheels SUV that you can customise for any adventure!

Grab a magical, light up Polly Pocket locket to fully experience the Tiny is Mighty magic!