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Fingerlings Untamed

There’s an exciting new world to explore with the ferocious Fingerlings Untamed, and it’s right at your fingertips!

These raging Raptors are packed with motion and sound detectors, so they will react to you with roars, hisses and crazy chomping attacks.

They’re so clever that they can tell the difference between friends and foes. Tame them and they’ll happily nap in the palm of your hand, but in untamed mode, they’ll unleash an incredible, prehistoric attack.

Try hanging your Raptor upside down, or shaking him, to explore over 40 different sounds and gestures. Look out for their snapping jaws and sharp, gripping claws until you’ve got them tamed!

Collect all the Untamed T-Rex, Raptors & Dire Wolfs to complete your fearsome Fingerlings pack.

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