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Disney Doorables

Open the door to imagination as you explore these miniature wonders, each one offering a glimpse into the enchanting stories that have captured our hearts for generations. With Disney Doorables, every playtime becomes a whimsical journey into the realms of joy and nostalgia, where classic characters come to life in a fun, collectible way!

Peek behind the door with Disney Doorables

Are you ready to open the doors and find your favourite Disney characters? Then welcome to the collectible line for you! With Series 9 and 10 on the shelves, there's lots to explore behind every doorway. Just pop them open and reveal your fun figure! Perfect for play or trade.

Choose your entry with Disney Doorables Series 9 and 10

With a new series available, it's good to know which one to aim for to get your choice of Disney character. Each one stands at about 4cm tall, and is filled with cute charm and a unique artistic design, with the smaller boxes giving 2 to 3 figures, and the bigger ones 5 to 6! Let's give a quick breakdown of each series.

Disney Doorables Series 9

Doorables series 9 is a great one for Bug's Life fans, as well as those who love all things Minnie Mouse. Check out the range!

Disney Doorables Series 10

Want a quick peek at everyone in this series? Disney Doorable Stitch, Elsa, Minnie, and more feature inside!

Disney Doorables playsets

Colllecting is a lot of fun, but there's more to explore with the world of Disney Doorables. Race into action with the Let's Go Road Trip sets, with cars and figures together for some speedy playtime antics, or explore character-specific playsets, and swap in your Doorable of choice to make the scene extra special.

Want more collectible Disney stuff? Take a look at the Disney Funko Pop on offer to get more figures into your life. Or, if you're after more surprises, then maybe you'd want to check out what our blind bags have to offer? Have fun with all your Disney favourites!