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Harness the power of creativity with Crayola.

Starting with a pack of eight coloured Crayons in 1903, Crayola has been helping children express themselves for over a century with their range of creative crayons, pencils, pens and more!

Safe, high-performance art supplies are necessary for worry-free exploration and creativity. For this reason, since that first box in 1903, Crayola has expanded their range of products to include more than 100 colours of crayons, as well as a huge variety of pencils and markers available in endless, exciting forms.

You can experiment with thick, thin and even scented Crayola markers, or try carving or melting your very own crayon colours. The art options are endless!

Unleash the colour in your life with Crayola crayons and check out our Crayola Creations range as well.