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Barbie Colour Reveal

With Colour Reveal Barbie dolls, the fun starts with the unboxing – there's no way to tell which doll you have until you open up the packing and place it in water. Discover different Barbie Colour Reveal collections below like the Sweet Fruit Series, where each doll has a unique and delicious fruity scent, or adorably stylish Chelsea mermaid dolls for an underwater adventure. Get ready for a Barbie experience full of surprises.

Collect Colour Reveal Surprises for Barbie Fans

This Barbie line is perfect for long-time fans and for those who are new to the iconic brand. Each Colour Reveal doll is carefully hidden by a pink coating, so you can't guess which version you have! The excitement starts as soon as you get your hands on a box, and then the anticipa-tion starts – which of the 5 Sweet Fruit Reveal dolls did you get? And what other special surprises did you find? Each Colour Reveal doll has hidden features like makeup, clothing, and even colour-changing eyes. Simply add water and watch the magic happen!

Get collecting to create a full set, and if you're lucky, you may find the exclusive doll that comes with extra accessories and styling for even more mix-and-match options.

Make A Splash With Colour Reveal Barbie Mermaids

For water lovers, the Chelsea Colour Reveal Mermaid dolls make fabulous swim companions. These adorable Chelsea dolls come in 6 colours, so you can collect the entire rainbow! Each mermaid has a distinct tail pattern and colour-streaked hair to show their unique personalities, as well as surprise styling accessories like tops, combs, and a crown. There's endless play to be had mix-and-matching accessories and revealing the hidden features that only show when they're put in water.

Colour Reveal Barbie Crafts

Get even more colour reveal fun with Barbie arts and crafts sets that have tonnes of surprises waiting to be unveiled. Unleash your creativity with the Barbie Colour Reveal Scrapbook, featuring loads of awesome art supplies like foil stickers, holographic washi tape, and mini bottles of glitter. The ideal gift to encourage an artistic streak and support budding crafters.

For another exciting present, the Barbie Colour Reveal UV Diary is an excellent place to journal all your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with beautiful holographic stickers too. Plus, the lipstick torch is more than it seems – shine the UV light on the diary to uncover even more secret designs.

Discover more Barbie dolls and ac-cessories for even more fashionista fun. Or shop our full dolls range for even more must-have fashion dolls, baby dolls, and doll hous-es from your favourite brands.