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Barbie Career Dolls

The ultimate career queen, Barbie has famously had over 200 different jobs! Inspire young minds to be innovative, creative, and ambitious with their future by getting them a Barbie Careers doll. Introduce a wide range of careers including a vet, pilot, teacher, doctor, and pop star to the next generation and teach them they can be anything they put their mind to. A pocket-sized role model, the Barbie Careers dolls are perfect for sparking enthusiasm about growing up.

You Can Be Anything! Barbie as a Career Role Model

Barbie has never been just a doll, she's here to show little girls and boys that they can be anything and aspire to reach their career dreams. Introducing children to a range of different Barbie careers dolls is a great way to introduce them to the working world and give them an understanding of the different paths they can take in adulthood. Roleplaying jobs with Barbie dolls is a fun way to support their interests, teach them about the wider world, and nurture a spark for a professional calling.

Let's explore some of the different industries Barbie has had a career in (all 200 might take a while!) to see which one the Barbie fan in your life will love.

Nuture Scientific Minds with STEM Barbie Careers

From pilot to scientist – Barbie doesn't shy away from science and technology careers. For those of us who are more scientifically minded, there are so many cool jobs to choose from and Barbie is here to support enthusiasm from a young age.

Show them the importance of healthcare workers with Barbie doctor and nurse dolls. More than just fashion toys, they can help little ones understand what is needed to look after people, as well as ease anxieties about visiting the doctor themselves.

Animal lovers will adore roleplaying with Vet Barbie to help heal their furry friends, or as Zoologist Barbie - complete with a koala companion. Teach children about what goes into animal care to support looking after your family pet or encourage curiosity about the weird and wonderful creatures across the world. Pair these Barbies with even more animal toys to expand the fun.

Support Careers in the Arts for Creative Children

If your little one is more creatively minded, then Barbie Careers is the perfect way to show them where their talents can take them. From Barbie Pop Star that's fabulous for the budding performers, to Makeup Artist Barbie or Interior Design Barbie. Include arts and crafts in your roleplay games to encourage them to develop their artistic abilities.

Get Active with Sporty Barbie Careers

Whether your Barbie fan is already an energetic youngster or you're looking for ways to encourage the family to move more, then there's a sporty Barbie for the job. Dolls like the Barbie Gymnast or the Para Alpine Skiier Barbie are a fantastic way of showing children of all abilities that they achieve their athletic dreams. Take these Barbie outside to play with outdoor toys like bikes, trampolines, and swings to get children offline and into nature.

Find even more dolls and playsets to broaden your children's roleplay games and encourage their curiosity and ambitions with the rest of our Barbie range.